Winners, losers from the Bills season to the present

The initial wave of free agents from the 2022 NFL season is over. The Buffalo Bills were players in that pool.

Looking ahead, the bills will also be in the upcoming NFL draft. Buffalo is collecting seven total selections there, some of which will change the way we look at the team roster.

But for now, the winners and losers from the Bills wardrobe this season are:

Winner: CB Dane Jackson

Corner Defender Dane Jackson Buffalo Bills No. 30. (Photo by Norm Hall / Getty Images)

When it comes to drafts, the biggest area of ​​concern for bills is the corner. Or it could be bad for the front office և Buffalo’s fans, it’s not for Dane Jackson.

Assuming Trey White is still recovering from a knee injury as the regular season approaches 2022, Jackson is currently the No. 1 corner of Bills.

Winner: DT Ed Oliver

Buffalo Bills defends Ed Oliver (91). (AP Photo / Matt Patterson)

The mass capture of Buffalo during the free agency was Von Miller. The Hall of Fame was a great teammate of Aaron Donald with Los Angeles Ramsey last season. Oliver can prove to be Miller’s next teammate in the middle of the D-line.

Winner: LB Tyrel Dodson

Buffalo Bills defender Tyrell Dodson (53). (AP Photo / Gary McCullough)

In the wake of the pay cut, Bills fired defender AJ Klein to release some dollars this season. Klein was not in the starting lineup, but when either Tremine Edmunds or Matt Milano failed, Klein was always the next player.

Dodson seems to be the next Klein.

Winner: P Matt Haack

Buffalo Bills pianist Matt Haack. (AP Photo / Joshua Besex)

Hack cut his salary to keep up with the bills. Here’s how poor his first season in Buffalo was.

At the moment, it’s Haack և Haack are the only player. It is still possible that someone will join him, but he has not joined yet. Good news for him.

Winner: RBs Devin Singletary, Zack Moss

Buffalo Bills goes back to Dean Singletari (26). (AP Photo / Adrian Kraus)

Duke Johnson has signed a one-year contract with Bills. He has had some success in the NFL, but now reads more as a way out of the backcourt.

Bills could choose from a well-known open marketer such as Leonard Fournet. Instead, Singletar և Moss will one day have the opportunity to fight for their place against Johnson. It is a victory.

Winner: WR Gabriel Digis

Bills wide receiver Gabriel Dice (13) Credit: Danny Madley-USA TODAY Sport

Outside of last season, Emanuel Sanders signed a contract with Bills. He is still a free agent չի has not been returned.

It is clear that Buffalo should give the recipient Davis the place of his No. 2 recipient in 2022 in front of Stephen Diggs.

Losers: DEs AJ Epenesa, Boogie Basham

Bills AJ Epenesa:
Jg 072821 Bills Epenesa:

Miller’s contract is huge for the team. This is not the case for young defensive purposes.

In the long run, of course, being with Miller can be a learning experience. For the next year or two, Miller will remove pictures that could have been of younger boys, most notably Epenes և Basham. Greg Rousseau will probably still get his pictures, or at least in comparison.

Lost: ALL Cody Ford

Buffalo Bills Keeper Cody Ford (74). (AP / Photo by Jeffrey T. Barnes)

Not only did Ryan Bates և Ike Botger re-sign with Bills, Roger Seffold also joined. Those three easily overtake Ford in the depth chart. Ford has proven to be the second stage bust for Buffalo.

Loser: TE Tommy Sweeney

Buffalo Bills Short End Tommy Swin (89) (AP Photo / Mike McCarn)

OJ Howard has a one-year contract with the Bills, but will have to find a way out as Dawson Knox is likely to be the No. 1 player on the team. Even if the addition of Howard means two close sets, that’s bad news for Sweeney. He may even be reduced at the end of the training camp, but that is a long way off.

Loser: WR Isaiah McKenzie

Isaiah McKenzie Buffalo Bill No. 19. (Photo by Andy Lyons / Getty Images)

McKenzie had a bit of a seasonal tray. When Cole Beasley was released, it looked like McKenzie would slip into his starting position at the hole in the receiver.

Not so fast. McKenzie will now have to contend with Jamieson Crowder, who has a one-year contract with Buffalo. The place of McKenzie’s return man is also not guaranteed.



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