Why is Brett Phillips’s home run ության the moment of kindness so important?

Brett Phillips is a Tampa Bay Rays player. Chloe Grimes is an eight-year-old baseball fan. On Tuesday night, the two shared a moment at the Tropicana Field, which is a perfect reminder of why sports are the best.

Phillips plays baseball in a way that sometimes upsets old baseball fans, that is, he actually seems to be having fun. He is probably best known for his game victory in the 4th game of the 2020 World Series. Overjoyed at beating the Dodgers, he began running around the field with his arms outstretched like an airplane. It’s a holiday for Phillips, his teammates and Reyes fans have been out there a few times.

He is as attractive as he plays, առաջ Before Tuesday’s game he met Chloe, who is battling cancer for the second time. He gave her a bracelet commemorating her fight, which she wore when she went out on the field against A. “It will bring me good luck,” he told Chloe.

(Bally Sports)

(Bally Sports)

In the third inning, a Rays side reporter interviewed Chloe when Phillips was at the plate, she said why she liked him so much. “Because he has the best smile. “He’s always having fun. I like the way he flies.”

And then something happened outside the movie. While the interview was taking place, Phillips smashed the 404-foot house to the right of the field. “Brett Phillips just ran home.” Chloe was happy.

After the game, after Rice won 9-8, Phillips talked about meeting Chloe, she drowned in an emotional interview. “I hope I can meet Chloe in the future,” said Phillips, her voice fluctuating from the weight of the moment. “What inspiration, what energy he brought.”

Such a story stands out in the world of click-based, controversial media. Frustration is addictive for both readers and the media. That’s why you see it being pushed out every day վում recycled on social media. If you are not angrythe underlying message goes. you do not pay attention.

But what if there is nothing to be angry about? And if that’s the good thing,’s the good time.

The story of Chloe Grimes-Brett Phillips is a story that does not fit well in our current media field. There are no victims, no one is to blame, no reasonable way to connect this story with the larger topic of public outrage. just a guy who does what he does best brings joy to the life of a person who really needs it.

Some fans և media, fearing the vulnerability of sincerity, open a sad, predictable book at such moments. Some people make fun of such a player for showing any emotion at all. Others will dig into his past, try to uncover bad tweets or tear him apart for his political beliefs, as if one of them disqualifies him from acting like another dignified man. Others will still complain about the attention a professional athlete receives, why we even spend all our brain energy on sports when there are so many bigger problems in the world.

The goal is always the same. to lower the moment to the ground, not to rise to appreciate the moment.

We can not, should not, ignore the ugly side of sports: tragedies, arrests, huge inequalities, heartless pursuit of income. But sometimes it’s necessary to remember why we fell in love with sports in the first place, it’s not like we could embarrass someone’s fake project online or despair that our team has lost its moral compass. rings և cash.

Phillips, like many athletes, like many people, is easy to like, whether he buys girl scout cookies from a young fan or laughs like a mad cartoon character. You can see why the kids are looking at him և why some adults should start too.

Of course, it is safer to be isolated, a cynical adult, sitting, criticizing the world with folded arms. But sometimes you just have to take those hands off and fly like a plane.

Brett Phillips is flying.  (Jerome Miron / USA TODAY Sports)

Brett Phillips is flying. (Jerome Miron / USA TODAY Sports)


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