Top ten quarterback defenders at the start of the 2022 season

The G20 has not always been known for its back-to-back games, but it is a home conference for the greats of all time, such as Tom Brady of Michigan and Drew Bryce of Purdue. But in recent years, the conference has also developed a number of star defenders.

The G20 is starting to see more defenders playing key roles who can take advantage of the new form of attack in today’s game. Big hands և versatility is the key to success for any college defender և The Big Ten has seen some good in the last ten years, including the late Dwayne Haskins, JT Barrett and Trace McSorley.

Since the 1980s և 90s, Penn State has not been particularly known for his outstanding back-to-back games, but things can turn upside down. At the same time, it is worth visiting around the conference to see who the best passers-by are going to in the summer and finally in the fall.

14. G. Wimsat – Rutgers

Credit: Corey Perrine / Florida Times-Union

The journey from Kentucky to New Jersey is not typical, but neither is John Wimsat. He will try to bring the title of his 4-star collection to Rutgers, hoping to start a whole year hoping to leave his influence. Until then, however, he will be at the top of this list.

13. Spencer Petras – Iowa

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Is Iowa one of the best teams in the country? Absolutely. Are they known for their defensive play? Unfortunately no: What they are known for is victory, as I mentioned, that’s what Spencer Petras did in Iowa City. In terms of talent, he leaves a lot to be desired, so sorry Hawkeye fans, but he is 13th on this list because of that.

12. Tommy De Vito – Illinois

Loan: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Coming from Syracuse, Tommy De Vito will try to bring some winnings to Champagne, which he failed to deliver in New York State. De Vito has not officially won the job, but he will provide some potential live ball in the event of a rather stagnant attack, so it is likely that he will be the guy when the fall.

11. Ryan Hilinsky – Northwest

Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports

The former South Carolina GameCock will seek to finally adapt to the purple “green” and take the Northwesterners where they want to go. Ryan Hilinski has a lot of natural hand talent, he showed that against the SEC, but he just didn’t look comfortable. 2022 may be that year, it may not be.

10. Conor Basel – Indiana

Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, this one transfer defender is not the last. Conor Bazelak made a ton of promises in Missouri, but in the end they made a change, and so did he. Now he hopes to take advantage of a new opportunity in Indiana to help the Husseins achieve what they almost did with Michael Penix Jr.

9. Tanner Morgan – Minnesota

Loan: Nick Vosika – USA TODAY Sport

Tanner Morgan has been in the Big Ten for almost as long as Sean Clifford for Penn State. Morgan has shown that he can win for PJ Fleck և Golden Gophers, but the problem is the conference և everyone knows what he’s like right now. He is bringing back some key skilled players this coming season so they hope to invent the magic of 2019.

8. Sean Clifford – Penn State

Loan: Matthew O’Hare – USA TODAY Sport

The senior statesman of the congress said. [autotag]Sean Clifford[/autotag] will enter its fifth season as the starter of Nittany Lion. That being said, like Tanner Morgan, we know what he’s at the moment, he’s shown that he can be a credible, winning signal. What he’s missing from the rest of the conference is the “woe” factor, the backwardness of most of the guys before him.

7. Graham Mertz – Wisconsin

Loan: Jeff Hanish – USA TODAY Sport

The highest-ranked quarterback in Wisconsin history, Graham Mertz, has failed. There were a ton of expectations with him in Madison, և his freshman season seemed like a real deal. However, last year was very unsuccessful, so which Mercy will we see in 2022? The potential we could see allowed him to land in seven places.

6. Peyton Thorne – Michigan

Loan: Raj Mehta – USA TODAY Sport

Peyton Thorne looked at his role և remains one of the best defenders in the conference as Michigan strives to build their 2021 season. He spent most of last season with Kenneth Walker II, which ended in a Peach Bowl victory over Pittsburgh. Expectations are high for 2022, but Thorne must be ready for that task.

5. Casey Thompson – Nebraska

Loan: Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

This sounds like a lot, but here we hope that Scott Frost can finally find out everything with the most talented defender he has. Casey Thompson moved to Nebraska after Texas brought in Quinn Evers so he mistakenly rubbed her, so now she hopes to restore the Cornhusker tradition of winning. Last year he had 28 total shots on a fairly low Texas team, so hopefully he can do the same և justify the top five.

4. Michigan starting lineup

Loan: Dylan Wiger – USA TODAY Sport

Cade McNamara is the quarterback who started the Michigan Wolverine season but was picked up by JJ McCarty to end the year. McCarty is the top recruit, McNamara is the proven winner. That being said, they have no idea who will be officially in the starting lineup, but in any case, we are looking at the Michigan team, which is in good hands.

3. Aiden O’Connell – Pardew

Credit: Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

After staying on the sidelines for almost four years, Aiden O’Connell made the most of his opportunity as a first-team starter. He made more than 3,700 yards and 28 assists, taking Purdue to nine winning seasons. O’Connell’s head coach Jeff Brom has high expectations, but O’Connell should be one of the leading signals of the conference, regardless of the records, the statistics will be there.

2. Taulia Tagovayloa – Maryland

Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

After coming out of the shadow of her brothers in 2021, Taulia Tagovayloa informed everyone that after 2019 she moved to Maryland. He threw about 4,000 yards, scoring a total of 28 goals, while while Maryland was not great all season, his talent is undeniable at the moment.

1. CJ Stroud – Ohio

Loan: Joseph Mayorana – USA TODAY Sport

Isn’t it shocking? It is already rumored that CJ Stroud will be the best defender in college football, not to mention the Big Ten in 2022. That same discussion forces him to be in both the Heisman negotiations and the 2023 NFL Draft Best Selection. The Buckeyes always have high expectations, but the reason is that they are staying high this year because of CJ Stroud, who is expecting a big year for the Buckeye signal caller.



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