Tom Brady, Dolphins QB? Frauds could be in the game

The Miami Dolphins wanted Tom Brady, Brady wanted the Dolphins, and Brian Flores’s lawsuit against the team blew up a mutual chase. This is the supposed plot that is now playing out, finally offering a believable interpretation of it why? With Brady’s puzzling six-week retirement out of this season.

Returning to the March 31 episode of “You Pod To Win The Game”, we suggested a timeline of events և which probably prompted Brady to abruptly retire from retirement. As part of that schedule, we cited Flores’s trial as an agent of change that was missed. By that time, ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio had already started reporting on Brady trying to reach the Dolphins. And over the past week, the plot line has been supplemented by a number of media outlets, most notably the Boston Globe, which added details about the rise and fall of the Brady-Miami scheme.

All this is fascinating. But it is still a bit flawed, as there is a significant gap that needs to be considered. A specific question that should be of particular interest to the NFL և Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

If the Dolphins owner Steven Ross and Brady were building a backup strategy to make him in the starting lineup in Miami in 2022. first “retiring” him from the Bucs to become Miami CEO, then finally forcing him to exchange his player rights, what was such a detail? The plan was consolidated without an astonishing amount of falsifications.

Interesting ideas inside the league office should want to know. Even if it means switching to Brady’s cell phone recordings again.

As it is reported, the fake Brady’s retirement was the first step in the scheme, it only hints that it was made when he was still a member of the Bakanieri. There is no way to do that unless Brady or someone acting on his behalf is an active participant in the Miami Fraud. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

If Tom Brady և Dolphins owner Steven Ross had built a back-to-back strategy in Miami's starting lineup in 2022, it could have shown an astonishing amount of fraud.  (Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports)

If Tom Brady և Dolphins owner Steven Ross were to build a back-to-back strategy in Miami’s starting lineup in 2022, it would seem like it would show an astonishing amount of fraud. (Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports)

Not to forget, this is not even the first offer Ross has made outside of this season, nor the first offer he has made to Brady. The first case was filed by Flores, who claims that Ross tried to bring his former head coach with an anonymous defender on a yacht in Miami in 2020. Later, that defender was Brady.

This should lead to a league of more than a few questions. Among them.

Is it legal to falsify the first accusation? If so, when did it stop? If the latest report is accurate: և Brady was part of the Dolphins’s line, then to what extent is he directly involved և to what extent has he gone back? And have the Buchananers ever known or doubted what was going on?

Obtaining those answers should be necessary if the league intends to at least be held liable for fraudulent privileges. Especially when the Buccaneers are unable to broadcast Miami, given that it may blame Brady in the process. Now that he’s back in the crowd, it’s pointless for Tampa Bay to raise this issue, even if the Buchananers have to be somewhat hostile to Ross for what allegedly happened.

Of course, there is also the “catch-22”, which is buried during any investigation into Ross. If the league finds that there was fraud in 2020, it proves part of Flores’ lawsuit. And if the NFL later finds out that the latest reports about Miami building Brady’s plan, it could prove that Ross was breaking Rooney’s rule by pursuing Sean Peyton. Because there is no middle ground here. If Brady and Peyton were coming, it means that Miami not only distracted the defender, but also decided on the issue of the head coach from the beginning. The latter repeats the accusation of Mike Malarki’s “fake hiring process” against the Tennessee Titans, which was added to the latest version of Flores’s lawsuit when Ray Horton and Steve Wilkes joined as plaintiffs.

Add it all up և it will reach a point where the NFL will work against its interests և. But the question arises as to what is ultimately more of a stench for the league. gross misconduct among the NFL owner և the most famous player in history և, or the lack of any serious investigation into any of them.

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