Thomas Tuchel is unhappy that the referee “laughs and smiles” when “Chelsea” leaves the Champions League.

Thomas Tuchel was

Thomas Tuchel was “proud” after the disappointed defeat (Nick Potts / PA) (PA Wire)

Thomas Tuchel risked the wrath of UEFA, claiming that the referees do not have the “courage” to make big decisions against “Real”.

Chelsea head coach Tuchel has even admitted that he can expect repercussions for criticizing Polish referee Shimon Marciniak after the Blues were knocked out of the quarter-finals of the Champions League with a score of 5: 4.

Chelsea beat Madrid 3-2 at their last eight return matches at the Bernabeu, but dropped out of the tournament overall only after extra time in Madrid.

Karim Benzema’s late header eventually shattered hopes of a miraculous return for Chelsea, but German coach Tuchel was left to mourn Marcos Alonso’s missed goal and a number of other troubling issues.

Tuchel also criticized referee Marciniak for “laughing and smiling” all the time with “Real” head coach Carlo Ancelotti.

“I am disappointed that the referee had a good time with my partner Carlo Ancelotti,” Tuchel said. “I know Carlo is a gentleman, a good guy, but when I wanted to go and thank him, I saw that he was smiling and laughing out loud at the opponent’s coach.

“I think this is the worst time to do it. 126 minutes later, one team gave its heart and desire, fighting to the last drop.

“Then you go as a coach, you see how the referee laughs, he smiles with the other coach. I think it is a very, very bad time. “

If you play against Real Madrid, you might not expect everyone to have the courage

Thomas Tuchel

To the question whether he is disappointed with the VAR decision to exclude the ball in Alonso’s hand, Tuchel continued.

“If you play against Real Madrid, maybe you do not expect everyone to have the courage. I felt that few decisions were made against us in the first game today.

“I did not see the goal, but I told him I was very disappointed that he did not go to check it out. You have to be the boss, not make such decisions for anyone in the chair [the VAR] ից Isolated from the atmosphere.

“The referee has a certain style, he allows or does not allow something, so I think he should stay in the lead, check it himself, and then explain better.

“But this is only my opinion. Maybe the demands in such meetings with this opponent are too much.



“We had it in our hands, it did not bring us luck, this is it.”

Tuchel, however, conceded defeat after Chelsea lost their first game 3-1 at Stamford Bridge last week.

But they took a 3-0 lead thanks to goals from Mason Mount, Tony Rudiger and Timo Werner.

Rodrigo made a good shot after a better pass from Luka Modric to bring Real back from the edge, but before Benzema hit another powerful header, he sent the team to the corridor.

“We are very disappointed, at the same time very proud,” Tuchel said.

“We had a fantastic match, we deserved what we had, we had four great opportunities to score more goals.

“It did not bring us luck, that’s why we are disappointed.

“We were defeated by pure individual quality երկու after winning the ball, the two mistakes that are the shortest moments in the game against Real Madrid.

“In the end, it was not our luck, we deserved to go after this performance today, but it was not planned that way. Luck was not with us, luck is always needed. “

Real Madrid head coach Ancelotti has praised his players for finding a way to win the best patchwork performance.

“I think we were not hungry enough, but our performance was especially good in the first half,” said Ancelotti.

The more we suffer on the pitch, the happier I am after that

Carlo Ancelotti

“And then after the second goal we started to fight, because my team experienced a slight psychological decline.

“But this stadium is really magical, և our fans really help our players, never give up to the whole team.

“I am very, very happy to have reached the semi-finals thanks to this team, a team that is capable of suffering.

“But the more we suffer on the pitch, the happier I am after that.

“I think Chelsea have exhausted their stamina, it gave us an advantage in extra time because my players were not as tired as our opponents.”

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