They talk so much rubbish, even the children… the children were the worst

John Kravchinski. Why does Anthony Edwards enjoy Memphis so much? “Because they talk so much rubbish. Even children. The children were the worst. Even eight-year-old, 10-year-old, “Anthony go sit down.” You are a sucker! It’s just fun. Basketball is fun for me. I love it. ”
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Christopher Hayn @Christopher Hayn
Anthony Edwards said he remembers a time when Jaden McDaniels practically blocked him out before they both got into the NBA.
“I came back, I told my people. “Breh, this is the first time I’ve blocked my leap. “I looked back, oh, what did I get that I started to go against.” – 20:10:

John Kravchinski @Jon Kravchinski
Why does Anthony Edwards enjoy Memphis so much?
“Because they talk so much rubbish. Even children. The children were the worst. Even eight-year-old, 10-year-old, “Anthony go sit down.” You suck. It’s just fun. Basketball is fun for me. I love it. ” – 19:50:

Christopher Hayn @Christopher Hayn
Anthony Edwards.
“I love my staff. Whatever shot I take, be it a rebound or a rebound in the middle. Either floater or layup? Whatever my shot, I like it. “Sometimes the coach may not like it, but I like my shot.” – 19:36:

Kurt Helen @basketball talk
Anthony Edwards scores 36 points in his playoff debut և ahead of Timberwolves over Grizzlies… – 19:27:

Christopher Hayn @Christopher Hayn
Anthony Edwards said he likes playing in Memphis because they get along so well.
“From 1 to 15’s equipment boys.” – 19:24:

Megan Triplet @Meghan_Triplett:
Dillon Brooks said that his game was D’Angelo Russell, but when he got into trouble, he passed to Anthony Edwards. – 19:08:

StatMuse: @status:
The youngest player with 35+ in the playoffs.
1. Derrick Rose
2. Tyler Herro
3. Anthony Edwards
Ant did it in his first career playoff game.

Marc J. Spears: @MarcJSpears:
Anthony Edwards is the fourth 20-year-old to score 35+ goals in the playoffs, the third youngest before Magic Johnson.  The Timberwolves lost the first game to Edwards և Carl-Anthony Towns, scoring 130 points (63%) from the Timberwolves 82 (63%) in the game against Memphis.

Dane Moore @DaneMooreNBA:
Chris Finch’s answer to many questions related to Anthony Edwards’s post was clear. “He is digging now.” – 18:49:

Justin Kubatko @ժկուբատկո:
Anthony Edwards today in his post-season debut.
✅ 36 ​​points
✅ 6 AST
✅ 12-23 FG:
✅ 8-8 pounds
Only two players in NBA history have scored more points in a playoff game before turning 21: Magic Johnson (42) and Tyler Herro (37).

Rob Mahoney @Rob Mahoney
Anthony Edwards is the absolute boss. In his playoff debut, he had complete control over when, where and how he attacked. Just scored 36 against one of the most punitive defenses in the NBA. – 18:36:

Dan Faval @danfavale:
nba players in a period of three points who must earn 35+ points և 5+ goal assists with 60+ ts% in their playoff debut (via @sthead).
– Chris Paul (2008)
-Derrick Rose (2009)
– Luka Doncic (2020)
– Anthony Edwards (2022)

Dane Moore @DaneMooreNBA:
One in the wolves bag…
Wolves 130, Grizzlies 117
36 points for Anthony Edwards in a play-off debut for a 20-year-old like Luca.
I look forward to cutting all this @Britt Robson: for a post-game capsule. – 18:32:

Sam Vetsen @Sam_Vecenie:
Anthony Edwards obviously has a lot of points, but he also defended well in this game. It blew up several Grizzlies today. – 18:20:

Gerald Bourgeois @Gerald Bourgeois
Ja Morant can fly, Anthony Edwards is absolutely not afraid of that moment, and KAT is coming back from a terrible game. What a fun game 1 – 18:14:

Fred Katz @FredKats
What is the opposite of a deer in headlights? The deer sees the car approaching at 75 mph and then inexplicably charges the car.
That’s Anthony Edwards right now. – 18:14:

Demikel Cole @Damikel Q:
Anthony Edwards just nailed the “three” and returned to the court, shouting: “Yes.”
The Grizzlies have no answer for him. 18:13:

Ryan Wolstat @WolstatSun:
Anthony Edwards set high scores for the Wolves in their playoff debut. If you are wondering what Scotty Barnes should do for the Raptors…
Tracy McGrady – 25
Chris Bosch – 22:
Jonas Valensyunas – 17
Vince Carter – 16
Demar DeRosa – 14
OG Anunoby – 12 – 17:50:

Peter Wetzey @PeterVecsey1:
Anthony Edwards is the first player in the last decade or two to show agility, the ability to dodge attempts by opponents to take responsibility. God bless him !! – 17:49:

Jay King @By Jay King
When Anthony Edwards starts, you wonder what the hell someone is going to do with him if he really understands. – 17:46:

Drew Hill @DrewHill_DM:
Anthony Edwards is a bit disappointed with coach Chris Finch for calling it a timeout.
He thought it broke the possibility of a quick break. – 17:39:

Peter Edmiston @peteredmiston:
It will be an interesting challenge to find out how to protect Anthony Edwards. Obv Dillon Brooks take precedence, but we’ve seen a lot of Clarke switches, as well as some tricks. Edwards also has some tough shots, just a great player. – 17:30:

Jon Kravchinski @Jon Kravchinski
Anthony Edwards is incredible. – 17:28:

Jeff Goodman @GoodmanHoops:
Tom Crane has won just five SEC games, backed by Anthony Edwards և Sahvir Wheeler. – 17:26:

Evan Dunlap @BQRMmagic:
He did not imagine that Anthony Edwards would become so good so soon. – 17:26:

Demikel Cole @Damikel Q:
Dillon Brooks started the first half on D’Angelo Russell. He now defends Anthony Edwards, who scored 19 points in the first half.
(Russell was 1-6 in the first half). – 17:17:

Michael Pina @MichaelVPina:
Anthony Edwards և T. Morant. I would very much like to be close enough to hear what is being said. 17:00:

Demikel Cole @Damikel Q:
Timberwolves 65 Grizzlies 62
Anthony Edwards has 19 points, Carl Anthony-Towns has 15 points. Ja Morant has 19 points to lead the Grizzlies and Dillon Brooks has 10. So far so good, clean first half. – 16:59:

Marc J. Spears: @MarcJSpears:
The NBA playoffs are where novice stars become superstars. Anthony Edwards is a rising superstar, the world will see it now.

Drew Hill @DrewHill_DM:
Anthony Edwards is built for that, obviously. – 16:28:

Demikel Cole @Damikel Q:
Taylor Jenkins called Dillon Brooks “one of the aces in the pit” that the team did not have in the regular season. He said that Brooks will replace the control of D’Angelo Russell և Anthony Edwards. 13:51:

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