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Joe Douglas smiles in a shirt on a green background

Joe Douglas smiles in a shirt on a green background

“Trader Joe” Douglas was not ashamed to move in the NFL Draft while driving the Jets. He changed teams five times in his two drawings, going down four times and going up one time. And these are just the moves he made in the draft without involving other players.

So do not be shocked if he repeats it, as it has been rumored for months that he is interested in a second of his first two rounds. And since several teams are interested in rising to the position of defender, he may have the opportunity to make a deal.

What would the deal be like? There are so many opportunities to be confident. But here is my guess for my latest Jets 7-Round Mock Draft. My only joke is where I’ll try to trade.

The first stage (4:th: common) – Oregon DE Kayvon Thibodeaux

I keep coming back to this 6-4, 254 pound dynamo (for now) because he’s so good, because it always seems nonsense when people start questioning the player’s “fire”, especially what the NFL seemed like : to love for months.

Those questions may throw him into the bottom 10. He can also appear in the top 3, where it really seems possible that the edge rushers can take all three places. I think he will reach the Jets և will be given Robert SalehLove for those in a hurry և Douglas’s recent talk about their ability, it’s hard to see that the Jets are doing well here, even when the highest overcoming is still possible.

Kevin Tibodo smiles during the factory interview

Kevin Tibodo smiles during the factory interview

Thibodo has speed, strength, intelligence, he was effective in college (seven bags last season). If the talk of “fire” is even a little real, Saleh will find a way to motivate him. So will veterans in the locker room, like returning passerby Carl Lawson, who would love to have someone who can take the pressure off the other side.


Reagents send 10th: General Election vs. Los Angeles Chargers vs. 17th: general election, first round election in 2023 և fifth round election in 2023.

The Chargers are in “go-to” mode with their young defender. Justin Herbertև they must be treated correctly to ensure that he is protected. If they can get someone to bookstore Pro Bowl LT Rashon Slaterthey could be created for years.

Probably in Alabama Evan Neil և NC State: Ikem Ekwonu will pass in the top 10, and the state of Mississippi Charles Cross could also rise so high. If that happens then the Chargers will be furious, especially since the needy New Orleans Saints have just traded to position themselves in front of them at No. 16.

The price seems to be expensive, but not really taking into account what the Giants got from the Chicago Bears last year, falling from 11 to 20 (fourth round selection plus future first-fourth pick). The Chargers will move to fight either Cross or Northern Iowa Tror Penningև The Jets will go down knowing that they can still get the best receiver in the middle of the first round.

The first stage (17:th: generally from Chargers) – Alabama WR Jameson Williams

The truth of NFL scripts. receivers fall, especially when they are many. And a lot is predicted this year in the first two rounds, which means that more teams than you think will tend to wait.

So do not be shocked if the Jets have many interesting options here, such as the USC Drake LondonArkansas: Trailon Burksor in the state of Ohio Chris Olav. But 6-1, 179-pound Williams is really intriguing version.

He could have been the first recipient if he had not torn his ACL during the NCAA Championship game on January 10, which would have kept him out of the pre-training period and could have kept him out for several months. new season. The cost can be huge. Its positive side is huge. But so is the risk.

Second round (35:th: general) – Georgia DT Devonte Wyatt

Have you heard? Saleh loves defensive players. They have enough to make ends meet this year Sheldon Rankins և: Solomon Thomas rotating Quinn Williams (աբար presumably John Franklin-Myers play a little inside too). But Rankins and Thomas have not signed a contract since this year, and Wyatt, who weighs -3 6-3, weighs 304 pounds, could still be better than both. He is a strong runner (who will help replace him) Foley Fatukas) և has upside down as a transient. He իլ Williams could have been quite anchor in the middle for years.

Second round (38:th: total) – Penn State S. Jacqueline Brisker

Another player I’m stuck with because he’s so meaningful to the Jets. They scratched the bottom of the barrel in this position last season, and it’s better after signing Jordan Whitehead բեր Bringing back Lamarcus Joyner, the depth is not great, and the future is doubtful. Weighing in at 6-1,199 pounds, the Brisker is a good size, it is said to be great for reading reverse insults. Saleh’s defenses rely more on talent at the front, but he still wants smart, smart players at the back. Brisker could be the boy when 31-year-old Joyner leaves.

Third round (69)th: overall) – Alabama RB Brian Robinson

The Jets are going to run at some point, even though they really like it Michael Carter, because their offense is built on a running commission. That will not change, which means they need more players who can do different things. Weighing in at 6-2, 225 pounds, Robinson is a big, tough, physical runner who can do better in the tough backyard than anyone the Jets have now. He has no card speed or movements either Tin Coleman, but he can hit. He is deceptively fast at 4.5 speeds.

The fourth stage (111)th: common) – Wisconsin LB Leo Chenal

The Jets like the potential of their young full-backs and think they fit in perfectly with Saleh’s defense. This does not mean that they will not add more, but especially CJ Mosley: after this season it becomes cut / traded. The 6-3 250 250 Chenal could be the final replacement for Mosley.

He’s an incredibly powerful fighting machine (his 34 reps on the bench during his Pro Day were more than any player, even line players, did at the plant). It also has a speed of 4.5. He has all the characteristics of a good midfield defender, except that he is said to be a bit lacking in coverage. But he could have a couple of years to learn that part.

Fourth round (117)th: common) – LSU C / G Chasen Hines:

If Douglas reaches the third day of the draft, he has not yet occupied a player on the offensive line, think that he will quickly correct that mistake. In addition, it is a good bet that he will focus on the central prospects he has to undertake. Conor McGovernwhose contract expires at the end of the year.

Hines is big (6-3, 327) և powerful, but not particularly fast. Some of them, according to the detectives, is that he is overweight (և found it difficult to hold it). But if the planes can force him to keep his weight, he can have a good depth inside the line – a potential future starting point.

Jets GM Joe Douglas

Jets GM Joe Douglas

Fifth round (146)th: total) – Tennessee Central Bank Alonta Taylor

The Jets really like their young corner band, they think they have just acquired DJ Reed: could be corner number 1, which they were missing. But this is a position where NFL teams need all the depth և competition they can get.

Weighing in at 6 feet, 199 pounds, Taylor is a good size և bright speed. Some scouts think he will be better defended in the NFL, which could put him in a good, versatile position in the Jets defense. There is a wide range of opinions about him, he can eventually go anywhere from the third to the sixth stage.

Fifth round (163)th: common) – Auburn S Smoke Monday

The Scouts like his size (6-2, 207) և the fact that he plays diligently և with great energy. It can make him a valuable teammate at first և provide him with a rotating security potential in the future if he can reign with his instincts.

One of the scouts said that his energy sometimes exceeds his speed, that if he ran 4.52 at the factory, he is not fast enough to overcome mistakes or omissions when he is preparing for a big hit. However, in certain situations he will allow defensive coaches to work. And right now, the more capable bodies Jets can get in place, the better.

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