The most exciting prospects for the 2022 NFL Draft

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The 2022 NFL Draft is just over two weeks away. It’s time to dump her and move on the best) prospects.

Daniel Falele, Offensive Solution, Minnesota

Weighing 6 feet 9 inches (!) Եւ 387 pounds (!!), Falele looks more like his long-lost third brother Clegan than he did in the NFL start. In fact, in the 21st century, there was no NFL starter that was built as big as the Aussie.

Falele is from Melbourne և During a scout trip to Australia, the assistant coach of the Hawaiian Islands discovered him while he was recovering from an injury at a local gym. The coach offered Falele a scholarship on the spot. He landed in Minnesota using the Madden video game series to learn the rules and regulations. “I did not know what the first downturn was or anything,” Falele told ESPN in 2018. “I did not know the positions or what roles they played. That was amazing. “

Talks between unknown scouts suggest that Falele may be also: is great for fighting in the league, he will fight to go down, to dive, to fall into the wall of the league’s premier “knock-and-rip” passers-by. Can he mix the size of 18 feet so fast that he does not lag behind von Miller? Can he walk, throw, or reset to cut Khalil Maki, trying to enter with a knife?

The team will take the bet that Falele can probably make in the first round. He is not new. he is a safe transitional defender who has a huge circle that can make him special. Now the only question is whether the franchisee who chooses it is equipped with enough XXXXXXXXL outfit. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

Carson Strong, QB, Nyada

Carson Strong has a great arm, but teams will worry about his injury history

Carson Strong has a great arm, but teams will worry about his injury history. Photo by Butch Dill / AP

If it were 2005, Strong could be the first name. He is a big-handed, big-body defender who plays in the classic, dropback, Carson Palmer style.

But that style is obsolete in the modern NFL, where the last remnant to slip up the ladder is Tom Brady, who will not grow old forever. The rest of the league has begun to accept off-screen creators, players who can go on their own, get buckets with their hands or feet when their attacking structure breaks down. And yet, in the class of weak defenders, Strong remains the most talented archer of the bunch, a fact that required It is possible when the main duty of the defender is to pass the ball.

Clauding Strong’s status is a knee injury he sustained while playing basketball as a child, which led him to miss his senior year of high school football. The injury continues to plague his career, forcing him to undergo further surgery between 2020 and 2021.

A midfielder with a sketchy knee will be a “no” to most teams, depending on how concerned the team is with the injury, he may slip by the third day of the draft. But there can be no doubt that in the mixed defense class, hitting the best clean throw will be the most valuable game for a quarterback defender in need of a franchise.

Matt Araiza, Punch, San Diego State

The Punt God has a legal shot to be two days of choice. It would not be really surprising to see Arayza as a pianist. – get off the board in the second round. If this seems confusing / weird / funny (delete as applicable), think about this. In 2021, he hit 18 strokes of more than 60 yards և more than 80 yards. In this century, there have been only 10 hits in all college football – 80 yards.

More powerful from a distance is Arayza’s unusual control of the ball, which allows him to fix opponents in his own half, rather than just pushing the ball out of the edge of the box. That ability to move around the field, to push opponents deep into their midfield, no matter where their own offense is, serves as a code of deception. It can save a careless offensive line by turning it into a healthy defensive position.

Araiza is sitting neatly at the crossroads of a new wave of tangled old football boys, analytically inclined general managers. Both groups of decision makers agree on one basic idea. really questions.

Pro-football is a land-grabbing game that has played four declines in a row. So why not invest a valuable resource in a player who can hit the ball farther, higher and more accurately than in any other position?

David Ojabo, edge rush, Michigan

The Nigerian-born Ojabo moved to Scotland in 2007 before attending high school in the United States. He graduated from the same school as Odafe Owen in last year’s Baltimore Ravans first draft. As soon as he got to school, he knocked on the door of the football coach. “Good coach,” said Ojabo. “My name is David Ojabo. I’m tougher, stronger, more athletic than Odafe Owen. Do you mind if I try to play football? ”

Get up from there! He had a scholarship offer before putting on his helmet. In Michigan, he shone as a partner in crime for Aidan Hutchinson, who was predicted to be the first general candidate in the upcoming draft. Hutchinson was an effort player. Ojabo overcomes them, vintage, runs և goes. They were unblocked together.

Entering the design process, it was predicted that Ojabo would become a top-15 team. Michigan’s professional day saw Achilles’s injury hit his stock, serving as an example of the dark side of the project. Now it is expected that Ojabo will come out in the final stages of the first round, or he may fall even more if the teams are afraid that the speed of the first step, which made him such a tempting prospect, will be damaged by the injury.

Jordan Dice, Defensive Player, Georgia

Jordan DG combines size և sport

Jordan DG combines size և sport. Photo by Kirby Lee / USA Today Sports

Davis was the dominant force in college football last season, boosting the Georgian team that moved their team to the national championship. He followed it with a speech like Tanos in the scout factory. Weighing in at 341 pounds, DG ran the 40-yard run in 4.78 seconds, the fastest for any 330-pound player at the plant since 2006; DG later flew a wide flight of 10 ft 3 inches, a record for a player over 300 pounds. he jumped 34 inches vertically into a well-sized figure worthy of his size.

But there are questions about Davis’ viability at the NFL level. He will hardly be the first defensive player off the board. He will probably not be the first defensive player selected from his team the team. If we include the multifaceted Travon Walker in the discussion, he may become the third defensive line taken from the World Defense Front in Georgia.

When and how often will DS play? This is what the teams are still trying to figure out. In 2021, he played less than half of Georgia’s defensive shots, playing only 18% of the third drop. “Incredible run. “But why did he not come out on the field with a third concession for Georgia?” said the general manager of NBC’s Peter King at the plant.

Of course, Davis did not need to play the third drop in Georgia, as the damage had already been done in the first two drops. Leaving the field with the third landing is a key component of television analysis, but success on the first landing is more predictive of long-term success. Defeating the first, forcing a negative game or creating a second: ten, is how defenders can continue during the offensive period.

Follow the most effective teams in the league, you will notice that they are the most effective defense. Teams worried about the role of Davis’s third downfall should focus on how he can turn the tide in their favor.

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