The Mets և Giants are like National League contenders

With less than two weeks left in the season, the New York Mets (7-3) և San Francisco Giants (7-2) have reason to believe that the National League has fewer elite teams than we thought.

Pitching has been crucial for both clubs so far, with the Giants’s 2.20 ERA being the best of the biggest as of Sunday. Even without Jacob de Grom, the Mets’ starting line-up was intact, setting a 1.07 ERA in 10 games (6 runs in 50.1 innings).

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Last year, San Francisco won 107 games and NL West, but entered 2022 as a major loser, losing to rival Los Angeles Dodgers. The Mets spent a lot of money this winter, but faced legal issues after splitting last season in the heavyweight division led by World Series champions Atlanta Braves.

The Mets and Giants kick off a four-game match at City Field Stadium on Monday, a series that could boost both sides.

Francisco Lindor և Pete Alonso Celebrates Alonso's home run against the Diamondbacks on Sunday.

Francisco Lindor և Pete Alonso Celebrates Alonso’s home run against the Diamondbacks on Sunday.

Here’s how USA TODAY Sports’s seven-member team voted this week.

Rating (movement from pre-season rating)

1. Los Angeles Dodgers (-)

  • The Dodgers have won six games in a row after losing in the opening round of 2022.

2. New York Metz (+7)

  • Metz won the starting lineup 6-0 in 10 games with 1.07 ERA (6 ER 50.1 IP).

3. Toronto Blue Jays (-)

  • Vlad Jr. (5 HR, 10 RBI in 9 games) continues right where he left off.

4. Chicago White Sox (+1)

  • Liam Hendrix saved four games in five days on April 12-16.

5. San Francisco Giants (+6)

  • The Giants 2.20 ERA was the best in baseball until Sunday.

6. Atlanta Braves (-4)

  • Ozzie Albis has beaten four Homers in 10 games to start the season.

7. Houston Astros (-1)

  • Justin Verlander (1 ER 13 IP) is going to run in another Cy Young.

8. New York Yankees (-)

  • Bullpen’s 1.21 ERA was the best in nine games in baseball.

9. Tampa Bay Rays (-5)

  • Corey Klubber left just 2 ER for Tampa Bay in his first two launches (9.2 IP).

10. Milwaukee Brewers (-4)

  • A good chance to score a few wins over the Pirates, Reds over the next few weeks.

11. St. Louis Cardinals (-1)

  • Nolan Arenado had 4 HR և 12 RBIs in six games until 2022.

12. Boston Red Sox (-1)

  • Starting Tuesday, Boston will play 7 to 10 against Blue Jays.

13. San Diego Padres (+1)

  • Lefty Mackenzie Gore impresses with her long-awaited debut.

14. Philadelphia Phyllis (-1)

  • Serranton Dominguez earns himself high-leverage innings in relief.

Seattle Mariners (-)

  • Logan Gilbert’s first two starts in 11 K, 1 ER 10 inning.

16. Angels of Los Angeles (+2)

  • Noah Sindergard looked sharp (2 ER, 2 BB at 11.1 IP) in his first two launches.

17. Colorado Rockes (+8)

  • The Colorado Bull had 1.78 ERA (7 ER 35.1 IP) in the first eight games of the team.

18. Detroit Tigers (-1)

  • Miguel Cabrera will become the seventh member of the 500 HR / 3000 hit club.

19. Minnesota Twins (-3)

  • Dylan Bundy made five goalless innings in the twins’ debut.

20. Cleveland Guardians (+2)

  • Newcomer Steven Kwan starts his career with 10 strokes with 15 strokes.

21. Chicago Cubs (-)

  • Seiya Suzuki starts hot. 10 against 25 with four ոմ 11 RBI in nine games

22. Kansas City Royals (-3)

  • Three of Bobby Whit Jr.’s first five hits in the major leagues provided additional ground.

23. Texas Rangers (+1)

  • Comforter Brock Burke hit 10 shots in his first four innings.

24. Auckland Athletics (+3)

  • Dolton Jeffries (1.93 ERA from two starts) confirmed in rotation.

25. Miami Marlins (-2)

  • Jesus Sanchez (5 XBH, 6 RBI in 7 games) is behind the impressive rookie campaign.

26. Pittsburgh Pirates (+3)

  • Brian Hayes’s new $ 70 million contract is the largest in the history of Pirates.

27. Washington Nationals (-1)

  • First baseman Josh Bell begins his contract year with 10 RBIs in 10 games.

28. Cincinnati Reds (-8)

  • Hunter Green starts his career in the big league with 13 K in 10.1 innings.

29. Arizona Diamondbacks (-1)

  • Meryl Kelly starts the year with 9.1 goal innings from two starts.

30. Baltimore Orioles (-)

  • Cedric Mullins drove in eight of the Orioles’ first 16 races.

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