The evaders report emotions, history and put the hammer in the opener of the house

LOS ANGELES, THERE IS APRIL 14. The fireworks display the announcement of the Los Angeles Dodgers.
The fireworks are flying after the Dodgers’ starting lineup is announced before the 2022 game against the Cincinnati Reds, which will take place on Thursday. (Myung J. Chun / Los Angeles Times)

It was dark, it was cold, and the national anthem was interrupted by the flight.

There were empty seats, hurried performances that did not give fans enough time to properly serenade Clayton Kershaw, and the initial feeling that it was another Saturday night.

Then the Dodgers appeared, their thousands of neighbors roared, their 60-year-old house shook, and all of a sudden it made sense.

Welcome back. Welcome home.

It was only the fourth time in the last 46 years that the Dodgers House had opened on Thursday night.

During the event, which was delayed for two weeks due to a 99-day baseball lockout. They had to start the season first by hosting the Colorado Rocks on the afternoon of March 31. The Dodgers quickly reappeared in their game against the Cincinnati Reds.

They made a splash when Jaime Jarin threw the first pitch in honor of the Dodgers’s prestigious Spanish-language broadcaster for the 64th season.

They made history by surrounding Jarin with seven former stars whose careers span his career: Wes Parker, Rick Monden, Fernando Valenzuela, Adrian Beltre, Eric Gagne, Nomar Garciapara, and Adrian Gonzalez.

Dodgers's Spanish broadcaster Jaime Jarrín plans to kick off the first pitch before the house opens on Thursday.

Dodgers’ Spanish-language host Jaime Jarin plans to kick off the first pitch before the house opens on Thursday. (Robert Gottier / Los Angeles Times)

Then they brought in the hammer, scoring five consecutive singles in the first innings against the incomparably opening Luis Cessa, leading 3-0, shaking Chavez Ravin’s web, bringing the 2022 home schedule to life. After the Reds equalized with Aristides Aquino և Brendon Drury’s home runs, the Dodgers shook the house again with six runs in the eighth after rookie Freddie Freeman finished the innings with a double to give him the lead. the player is in the second place.

“Fred-die, Fred-die, Fred-die.” he shouted to the cheering fans as Freeman took off his hat.

Freeman scored a goal against newcomer Tony Santillan in the Terry Turner single, then Justin Turner walked in, then Will Smith hit the center field fence with a three-pointer to underline the huge innings that led to the final 9-3 victory.

“The special thing is the energy, the news for the fans,” said manager Dave Roberts before the game. “There are 40,000 Dodgers fans who bring their families, their children, some people – 25 opening days, some are the first, it’s just the opening day news, it’s something that always excites me և the players.”

This was their sixth game this season, but in the end it seemed like they were the first. The fans shouted as the Dodgers strained the look of the kind of connected plate that suited a team that had received a selfless lesson the day before.

The Dodgers' first-choice Freddie Freeman is celebrating with his teammates.

Dodgers first-teamer Freddie Freeman is celebrating with his team-mates after scoring a goal in the eighth ninth goal after a goal single by Terry Turner. (Robert Gottier / Los Angeles Times)

You may recall that the Dodgers season kicked off in Minneapolis on Wednesday when Clayton Kershaw was deliberately removed from a perfect game after seven innings, just 80 yards out.

Some fans were outraged, but Kershaw և Roberts’s message was far more powerful than these six exits. Through their actions, they said that the Dodgers are not about winning for a moment, but about winning the season.

Then on Thursday, before the game, they actually said:

“Individual things are not why I keep playing,” said Kershaw. “I want to win. It’s more than anything personal to me right now. ”

Kershaw reminded everyone that he missed last October because of an elbow injury, he did not want it to happen again.

“As my season ended last year, not being able to be a part of October, that’s why I’m here,” he said. “It simply came to our notice then. “Every decision we make is for us for that month of the season.”

For us.

These are two powerful words that are certainly heard throughout the club. “What he said yesterday really gave the Dodgers of 2022 the impression that he was going to win here, and there would be any other selfishness besides that,” Roberts said. “You’re talking about a man who did everything he could during the game to make it happen, it sounds like our club.”

The same is true of Jarin’s legacy, which is attributed to the Dodgers’ connection to the Latin American community, both through its broadcast and as a Valencian translator.

When Jarin began as a full-time presenter in 1959, the crowd at Dodger Stadium was approximately 8% Latin American. Today it is about 46% Latin American.

“In the beginning we had to teach people how to follow baseball, now we have to look at it,” said Jarin, 86, who is ending his career as the longest-serving active baseball presenter. “In the beginning, Latinos were only in the highest whiteness. Now you can find them everywhere, in every part of the stadium. This has become a very special place. “

Jarin, who is based in the Baseball Hall of Fame, is leaving to spend more time with his two older sons working with the Jaime and Blanca Jarrín Foundation, which was founded in memory of his late wife. “I’m a little sad for a few days. “I know I will miss the game,” said Jarin. “But in a few days I will be very happy.

“I’m absolutely convinced that it ‘s the right time for me to leave the Dodgers, it’ s time to change my priorities.”

As a way to get fired, Jarin will not be playing in road games this year. But his typical, historic voice will resonate in the city forever.

This story originally appeared in the Los Angeles Times.

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