The Dodgers beat Twins 7-2 on a rainy night at Target Field

On Tuesday night, in the eighth inn of the Twins, what was going well went quickly out of control on Tuesday night, thanks to a series of walks, poor defense և Dodgers’s staff, which is too good not to make mistakes.

After six runs and three warm-ups, the Twins found themselves in a big deficit just minutes before the sky opened, forcing a rainstorm that lasted about an hour and a half. When the two teams resumed, the Dodgers defeated Twins 7-2 in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

The twins (2-3), who equalized in the fifth inning due to a mistake by the Dodgers (2-2), suffered the same fate three innings later. After a couple of walks, one from Emilio Pagan and the other from Caleb Tilbar, the Dodgers’ short stop Tria Turner sent the ball to Luis Araes in third.

Instead of two outcomes, or at least one, the ball rolled under Areres’s glove, scoring a goal. Taking another step, calmer John Romero came in, who immediately allowed RBI single Justin Turner and two ring doubles to Will Smith. As the inning for the twins continued, another run was recorded following an error by Arraez when the third base simply fell and the next followed in the G-Lux singles.

In total, the Twins pitchers released nine moves during the game, most of which come in later inings.

“Well, it’s a healthy challenge to go out there and face that team, because they will make you play very well again and again,” said manager Rocco Baldelli. “If you find the middle of the belt, they will probably put a good swing on it. “If you’re out of the belt, they do not expand as much, so I think that ‘s right.

It was a difficult ending for the Twins, who did well on the pitch at the start of the game with a good effort to start veteran Chris Archer in his Twins debut.

The right, which the Gemini signed late in the camp on March 28, went through his four-innings tour, ending with an excited response, a slap in the chest, mixed-jumping, shouting after hitting Justin Turner, who wanted to finish the fourth innings. .

“I have not felt healthy for a long time. I had many friends and family here. “The team has done a good job helping me understand what makes me great,” said Archer. “(Pitching coach) Wes (Johnson) gave me a lot of confidence. It was just a moment when I was really excited.”

The twins were also excited by what they saw from Archer.

Archer hit the radar gun twice in 1995, his speed was on average faster than it had been during the 2021 season devastated by his injuries, after which he said he had not felt so well for more than two years.

“It’s really nice to look up,” he says with a smile on his face as I watch him play the way he does right now. “We will continue to play him,” Baldelli said. “Today was a very good start against a very good team. We were satisfied with all aspects of it. “

After four sharp innings, he made his way to newcomer Josh Winder.

It seemed as if Winter could have finished fifth outside the camp, but the Twins signed Archer, lowering the newcomer to the top. In his first debut on Tuesday, he experienced a slight relief.

Winder hit the first shot he saw – Smith, looking at the catch with a little help from Ryan Jeffers, who nicely scored the third shot. But the rest of the inning was not so easy Twins’ No. For 7 (according to the MLB Pipeline), who then walked on the next two hits and later saw that they climbed to second or third place by stealing twice.

One run, Cody Bellinger came close to scoring to push the Dodgers forward. The twins will tie in the fifth inning when Arays, by pointing a finger at that moment, substantiated what seemed to be a double game against Terry Turner in a short time. Instead, it seemed as if he stumbled, the ball went over Lux’s head for a second, allowing Max Kepler to score.

It was the twins’ only run until the eighth innings in a single day, where they were limited to just five shots, two of which were doubled by Carlos Correa.

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