The Belt takes the 8th round, the Giants beat the Guardians 4-2

CLEVELAND (AP) – Brandon Belt scored in the eighth innings on a ground loaded by Wilmer Flores, sending the San Francisco Giants to a 4-2 victory over the Cleveland Guardians on Saturday night.

With one shot, Flores hit hard, with second-half Ernie Clement stopping before pushing out Brandon Crawford in the second. But a short stop, Amed Rosario, had to postpone his throw until the first, when first baseman Owen Miller was late for the bag, which allowed Flores to reach out and extend the innings.

“I thought it was a double game when it hit,” Belt admitted. “But give Flo a loan. “If he does not give everything he has, then we will not earn that run.”

Austin Slater then scored a goal on the field by Nick Sandlin (0-1), giving San Francisco a two-goal lead. Belt went 2 on 5 with a pair of RBIs for the Giants, who have won four in a row at the top of the NL West.

“All of Brandon’s bats are high quality, you can feel the confidence in his swings,” said Gabe Kapler, San Francisco’s manager. “Obviously he started well, we are not in a position where we are without him.”

Dominic Leone (1-0) scored his seventh goalless win, and Jake McGinn scored his first save of the season. The Giants are 2-0 in an 11-game journey against the Mets, the Nationals and the Brewers.

Miles Straw tripled the lead, scoring in the first, then doubling the home run in the fifth for the Guardians. Miller went from 2 to 2, raising the average of his leading leagues to 60.560. He has an extra-base shot in six consecutive games.

“Owen affects the ball,” said Cleveland coach Terry Francois. “From the very first day of spring training, man, he hits the balls, connects the balls, which we did not see he did last year.”

Jose Ramirez drove a sacrificial fly to Straw for his league’s 15th RBI. Straw brought Miller home against Giants’s Anthony Desclafani րեց tied the game at 2 p.m.

In the fifth, Belt greeted Logan Allen with a two-run single, leading San Francisco 2-1. Tairo Estrada և Steven Duggar returned home with two appearances when the only two shots were fired by Cal Quantril, the starting lineup.

“I thought we did well in the game, given the fact that I did not really think I was throwing the ball very well,” said Quantril, who hit two or three steps in 4 2/3 innings. “I really did not give myself the opportunity to go deeper.”

Desclafan left two runs in 4 2/3 innings, out of four. He entered the 2.33 career ERA in April, the seventh lowest in all pitchers with 15 starts since 1920.

“I was still feeling good, but Gabe thought it best to go for the fresh squash we had,” Desclafani said. “It was the right move because we won.”

Cleveland’s Josh Naylor had his first two blows after breaking his right leg in 2021.


Defenders LHP Anthony Goss hit two and walked one to hit the opening of the three-stroke series. The 31-year-old relaxed was in Toronto’s game against Detroit in 2012-16, then returned to the majors on the hill last year. “Having a background in player development, I think it’s very good that (Cleveland) has discovered something else in him,” said Kapler. “Of course, having an electric sleeve helps.”

Coach ROOM:

Giants. 3B Evan Longoria (right index finger surgery) is scheduled to start training in the next few days. Longoria underwent surgery on March 29 to repair a ruptured ligament.

Guardians. RHP James Karinchak (right back strain), who is on the injured list from April 4 to 10, will jump the hill after completing the last long throw. “He wants this really, really long throw, his words,” said Francois.


Giants. LHP Alex Wood (0-0, 4.15 ERA) with 5 1/3 innings avoids reaching 1000 during his 10-year career, which includes pitches with Dodgers, Brave and Reds.

Guardians. RHP Aaron Sivalen (0-0, 5.40) worked 3 1/3 innings, allowing for two well-earned runs in his first start of the season without a decision on April 11 in Kansas City.


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