The 2021 project will be the biggest key to the 4922’s 2022 success

The 49s do not have a first-round pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, which raises some questions about their chances of picking a player who could be in the starting lineup on the first day of their rookie season. It may be ideal to find a newcomer who can immediately improve the team on the pitch, but the main challenge for San Francisco in their quest to return to the Super Cup will be what the 2021 draft class will look like in its second season.

With a few start-up jobs, 49 may be available seven sophomores in the lead roles for the first time. After a disappointing first year for the 2021 class, this season will allow them to become one of the most influential conscription lessons in the history of the 49s.

This is where each player in that group stands in the 2nd year.

QB Trey Lance:

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Lance is considered to be the starting defender of the 49ers after a year behind Jimmy Garropolo. The team’s chances will be very high on this class, but the disproportionate part of their success will depend on how Lance develops. San Francisco has a chance to win it all if it’s good.

The planned role. Starting defender

ALL Aaron Banks

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This is a huge year for Banks, who was selected to start right-back last year. He could not get out on the field, he only saw three blows during the attack. If he becomes the player the 49s hope he can be in his second season, the team can quickly resolve some of the issues with the interior of their attacking line.

The planned role. Starting left guard

RB Trey Sermon:

Darren Yamashita – USA TODAY Sports:

It was a rough rookie campaign for Sermon, who at first failed to get off the field and then, when he finally started to find his navy legs in the NFL, suffered an ankle injury that effectively ended his season. The 49ers swapped two fourth-round pickers to pick up Sermon, so he will have plenty of opportunities to improve his 167 yards և one touch. He may not take up full-time employment with Elijah Mitchell, but if he can earn some regular work as a reserve, it could be a significant step in his investment.

The planned role. Backup / third-down run

CB Embry Thomas

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There was no better player on the 49th last season than Thomas. He looked unbeaten in the first week when he was forced to retire due to a corner kick by Jason Verrett. He did not look particularly good when he resumed full-time work in the 14th week due to injury. However, he improved every week after that, ending his rise with a break to qualify for the 49th play-offs. Even if he starts the year with Emanuel Moseli և Charrius Ward base pack, it will be a dramatic improvement for the San Francisco secondary if Thomas continues where he left off a season ago.

Planned role: Nickel Corner Defender

ALL Ceylon Moore

Darren Yamashita – USA TODAY Sports:

Moore had an exciting new year. He was brought in as a right-winger after playing left-handed in college for four years. His move in never took place, although after camping he filled in a lot on the left when Trent Williams was out of reach. He did not take that step during the season either. Moore could be one of San Francisco’s best attacking players if he can pass the ball effectively.

The planned role. Starting right guard

CB Deommodore Lenoir:

Darren Yamashita – USA TODAY Sports:

Lenoir seemed to be the team’s nickel future nickname defender when they drafted him. He had tons of experience, he played well enough in the camp to deserve the best backup role outside. He struggled as the year went on, leaving his shares slightly lower to switch to the off-season program. The good news for Lenoir is that there is no clear plan, so he will have the opportunity to return to work.

Planned role. Duplicate angle

S Hufanga Talk:

Jeff Hanish – USA TODAY Sports:

Hufanga was a pleasant surprise last season. Immediately after the draft, his stated goal was to train the Pro Bowl in special teams. Although he made a great contribution to that unit, he saw defensive operations, almost overcame the strong initial security work outside the camp. There are several options for strong security this year, uf Hufanga is definitely mixed.

The planned role. Starting with strong security

RB Elya Mitchell

Tim Haytman – USA TODAY Sports:

Mitchell was great in his new season. Health is a big question for him. He made 963 yards and five touchdowns in 207 attempts, but played only 11 games. The available 17 game seasons would be very helpful for the 49ers to attack.

Planned role. He starts running back



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