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    Since the last WWE Raw, the landscape of the company has changed.

    Vince McMahon has retired, leaving WWE to co-chief executive officers Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan, while Triple H has taken over the creative responsibilities.

    The July 25 edition of the red brand certainly felt different, although it was mostly in small ways to start. The Game’s impact on Raw as well as the other WWE shows will take time to develop.

    During Monday’s Raw at Madison Square Garden, Roman Reigns made a memorable appearance. He refused to be impressed by Theory and then put on a great performance in the main event with The Usos against The Street Profits and Riddle.

    Rey Mysterio celebrated 20 years in WWE while winning big with his son, Dominik. He proved his consistent talent, even at 47 years old.

    Alexa Bliss challenged Bianca Belair or Becky Lynch after SummerSlam, but she is still not quite ready to be a true contender with her current build.

    Monday’s Raw established a new focus in WWE that will continue into SummerSlam on Saturday night and beyond.

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    Roman Reigns has run through most of the major babyfaces in WWE. When he likely defeats Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam on Saturday night, there will be few genuine fan favorites ready to step up to him.

    However, two men have teased feuding with Reigns who are more hated than him. Theory and Seth Rollins.

    Mr. Money in the Bank has promised to cash in on The Tribal Chief at SummerSlam, but even if he backs off from that idea, the 24-year-old will soon go after the dual champion.

    Rollins has also taunted Reigns on a regular basis. The two have plenty of history, and The Visionary defeated his former Shield teammate by disqualification at the Royal Rumble in January.

    It would be best for everyone involved if the undisputed WWE universal champion embraced the crowd reactions. It may take some time to fully turn him face, but feuds with Theory and Rollins will help.

    Reigns and The Usos are ready for a change. The Bloodline will find plenty of fresh challengers after a face turn.

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    Triple H has taken control of WWE Creative, and although the effect on Monday’s Raw was not massively obvious, there were small changes that will build into something as the new regime moves forward.

    The matches were longer and more memorable, and the feuds felt more heated with regular brawls and pacing that used the three hours more effectively.

    The rivalries were never going to change overnight, but hopefully the stories continue to feel tighter. Paul Levesque showed what he can do with NXT from a creative perspective, and he has a strong team around him to make sure the product grows.

    Vince McMahon held a firm grip on WWE for so long that no one truly saw what the company could look like without him. It will be interesting to see how it differs now.

    There is no guarantee that this next era of WWE Creative will be better, but there is an air of hope around the company that has not been felt in a long time.

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    Monday was a special night for Rey Mysterio, as he celebrated 20 years in WWE. He even got to pick up a clean win over Finn Balor and Damian Priest with his son, Dominik.

    On the night, The Master of the 619 showcased why he is still great. He put on an inspired showing with his son against past and future titleholders.

    In his career, he has had many significant moments, but one thing he has not been given for that work is a memorable title run.

    In his two reigns as WWE world heavyweight champion, Mysterio was embarrassed for the sake of bigger men. And his WWE title run was a farce that lasted just a few hours in 2011.

    The veteran luchador had better runs with the United States and intercontinental belts, but even so, none of those title reigns have stood out.

    He still has plenty he can give against the younger generation. At 47 years old, he may not have much more time, but he has shown that he has quite a few good matches left in him before he retires.

    Give him one more title, and Mysterio can finish his career with one last great run.

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    Alexa Bliss made a declaration that she would be the next challenger to the Raw Women’s Championship after Bianca Belair vs. Becky Lynch at SummerSlam on Saturday. And she backed up her claim with a win over Doudrop.

    While The Goddess has a pedigree of championship success, the past few years have taken away much of her mystique. She is a charismatic star but is not working like a main event talent at the moment.

    It looks like she will slowly but surely return to the gimmick that made her a five-time women’s champion. Along the way, she needs to pick up big wins against capable opponents and prove she can go more than five minutes these days.

    Put Bliss up against Asuka, Rhea Ripley, Carmella and Nikki ASH with 10 minutes each. Let her pick up memorable wins. This will also add to the quality of Raw, which could use longer matches.

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