Premier League. “Manchester City” և “Liverpool” write a new exciting head of the English “Clasico” in the friendly competition between Pep Guardiola and “Jürgen Klopp”.

This is largely due to the many complex historical and sometimes political reasons that have led to decades of animosity between the two opposing groups.

But before the previous four seasons, hardly any of the supporters had a bad word for each other.

The current repetitions of these two sides are probably the most talented this league has ever seen, but the clash of talents alone does not create much competition.

This game undoubtedly earned him the new “Clasico” label of English football, which was given to him by some sections of the media, or, of course, it does not have the fist of its Spanish namesake.

Even Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola and Liverpool team-mate Jurgen Klopp, two of the most highly regarded tactical masters of their generation, have done their best not to create any animosity in the structure, both of which are extremely flattering. about each. other

Klopp called his colleague “the best coach in the world”, and Guardiola compensated, claiming that the German “makes world football a better place to live.”

Guardiola even went so far as to say that he thought this Liverpool team was “the toughest opponent I have ever encountered in my manager’s 13 years”.

Enough love.

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Jürgen Klopp և Pep Guardiola speak during the English Premier League match on Sunday.

Crazy atmosphere

Compare that to the rivalry of former Premier League managers, where Alex Ferguson’s Arsene Wenger’s mind games dominated the headlines for weeks before the often epic clash between Manchester United and Arsenal.

The rivalry culminated in 2004 when United ended Arsenal’s 49-match unbeaten streak with a 2-0 victory at Old Trafford.

After the match, the coaches and players exchanged words before throwing a piece of pizza on Ferguson’s face. The incident was called “Pizagate” or “Buffett Battle”.

In the past, there was even a physical quarrel in the field. see Wenger և Jose Mourinho 2014

But if bromans were blooming at the Etihad Stadium on Sunday, the players on the pitch certainly would not have received the memorandum during the 2-2 draw, in which Liverpool came back twice after K. de Bruyne gave it to City. Gabriel Jesus led the hosts 2-1.

The Liverpool players in particular seemed to intend to infuriate their opponents, to make the case as fiery as possible.

Referee Anthony Taylor certainly played his part in inflaming the increasingly fierce atmosphere as he allowed a number of violations to go unpunished.

It is noteworthy that Fabinho was probably lucky enough to stay on the field after he planted his studs in the ankle of Bernardo Silva in search of the ball.

The stewards, of course, also clasped their hands, bringing out a number of Liverpool fans who were at home after Diogo Giotta and Sadio Mane equalized for the visitors.

At one point, two stewards had to stop a City fan from advancing the wild grass to the accompanying Liverpool fans.

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Ms. De Bruyne (right) played brilliantly against Liverpool.

Belgian magician

The quality on the pitch remained almost unbelievably high throughout, as Klopp and Guardiola constantly circled their technical areas, shouting instructions into the ears of their players as one of them approached the pitch.

De Bruyne in particular was a phenomenon. If Karim Benzema had his ambition to be the best player in the world in the last quarter-final of the Champions League against Chelsea, then Sunday’s game allowed the Belgian to claim that title.

De Bruyne was not only the band for all the good things City produced, he was also the engine of the team. Even as the clock approached the time of the injury, the Belgian footballer was always the first City player to catch the ball when Liverpool took possession of the ball.

It is difficult to say which team will leave Sunday’s game 2-2 happier. City were probably outperforming overall, so they will be disappointed they did not win, but still walk away with the points at the top of the table unchanged.

At the same time, Liverpool will know that they were better in the first half, they will rest, they saved the result of the draw, but now they have to slip away from City, if Klopp’s team wants to have a chance to win the championship.

The touching draw was a fair result for both teams, who have not only been almost inseparable this season, but also in the last four. In the previous 145 games, “City” scored 339 points, only one point more than “Liverpool” in the same period.

The leaders unexpectedly ended the game with a friendly horse, exchanging a hug of a meaty high five bear.

Although none of the players gave a single centimeter on the field, it remained amusing when the whistle sounded all the time.

The Brazilians on both sides, Roberto Firmino, Fabinho և Allison with Liverpool, Jesus and Ederson with City, exchanged joy in the center, as De Bruyne seemed to be praised by a number of players in red.

At the post-match press conference, Guardiola was asked by The Athletic if he was ready to play for his team more like Liverpool.

“Yes,” was his answer. “I always try to imitate the best teams.”

Okay, Pep, we understand. Do you like each other?

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