Owen Miller is becoming a rising Guardian every day with a hot start to the season

Cleveland Guardians & # 39;  Owen Miller's top five teammates in the eighth round of the eighth baseball game against the Cincinnati Reds in Cincinnati on Wednesday, April 13, 2022.  The Guardians won 7-3.  (AP Photo / Aaron Doster)

Cleveland Guardians’s Owen Miller’s top five teammates after a solo concert during the eighth baseball game against the Cincinnati Reds on Wednesday, April 13, 2022. The Guardians won 7-3. (AP Photo / Aaron Doster)

The Guardians entered the season with a number of questions surrounding the right side of the field, as several different scenarios could be put into play, developing the first base և the second base. At the beginning of this season, the answer was a little clearer. play Owen Miller somewhere ել find out the other place.

Exactly one year ago, Miller set fire to the Triple-A pitcher. He was putting in numbers that would look a little more normal in the video game. But after being invited to the Majors, he did not succeed until I-71 headed to Cleveland.

After about a year of delay, that hot thread came. Miller got off to a great start to the season, culminating in a 7-3 win over the Reds in Cincinnati on Wednesday, breaking the Guardians’ record to 4-2. On Wednesday, Miller ran two home runs, one to the left field and one to the center right. He now has seven extra-base shots, those two home runs և five doubles in the first six games of the season. He hits .524 with 1,593 OPS և If it weren’t for newcomer Stephen Kwan, Miller would be the biggest Guardian season story to date.

In addition to Kwan Jose Ramirez, who has 1,576 OPS, who also ran home on Wednesday, Miller helped lift the Guardians to a four-game winning streak, where they all recorded at least seven runs in all four. games.

“You know what, I think the boys know, you’re being rewarded here if you hit the ball differently,” manager Terry Francona told reporters in Cincinnati, referring to Miller’s home run on the opposite field. “Jose made one of the most beautiful swings I have ever seen, but Owen hits the ball, it’s a good shot, man. “I’m happy when boys are rewarded for it.”

Miller entered the season as an option in the second base, the first base, but without a clear path to a large number of bats. Now, there is no doubt that he will play almost every day. The only question is which glove does he need that day?

Miller and Yu Chang thought the bats were in second place when Andres Jimenez was not there, which has to do with where Rosemary plays every day. In the first base, Bobby Bradley had a clear opportunity to take the first base job, but could not provide it. In addition to the fact that Chang and Bradley are inferior to Miller every day at this or that point, except for the need to open Jimenez’s Rosario.

Francois has often said in the past that a manager’s job when the striker is so hot is simply to stay out of his way. It could be a year longer than the Guardians expected, but Miller’s name will be written in the lineup every day, somewhere, at least as long as he continues to strike.

The guards want Eli Morgan to be a weapon

The reduced spring left the starting jars rotating to teams, including the Guardians, who had not yet extended their normal workload. Shane Bieber, Zack Plesack and others were the first to make 70 appearances in rotation. Thriston McKenzie is a little behind as he first appeared as a swine sedative on the opening day before the game started on Wednesday. McKenzie was sharp, allowing just three shots, scoring six of four goalless innings on the pitch.

This situation has increased the need for multi-layered sedatives or converted starter jars that can come out of the tube to lighten the load on the tube due to reduced starts. It is in this role, at least early, that Francois noted that Eli Morgan could be seen as a weapon.

Francona said the same thing this spring, and wrestling coach Carl Willis said Morgan topped the list of players who could play the role, including Logan Allen, Sam Henges and others who could throw a few innings from a shorter start. after:

On Wednesday, Morgan allowed just one stroke – a home run, with three strokes in three innings. He was the one to be followed in the Guardians’ Bulgaria, especially at the beginning of the season, when the lists are expanding and the starters continue to leave the field.

“He has three pitches, but he has two pitches that give the boys a hard time, with his quick-change, back-and-forth,” Francona said on Wednesday. “He got himself 3-2, you do not want to walk anyone. “But he is doing well. I think we anticipate that he will really help us.”

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This article originally appeared in the Akron Beacon Journal. Owen Miller becomes a daily beginner in the Guardians

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