Overreactions from Game 1s on the opening weekend

The 2022 NBA playoffs opened last weekend with the excitement we all hoped for when the first round took place.

There were huge breakthrough performances – a moving, vibrant ending. We have seen that the favorites of the championship are confirming their dominance; potential new candidates are emerging.

Of course, no one wins the series in the first game. The teams will make adjustments. As such, it’s really impossible to get anything decisive after just one game in a series. But that will not stop us from drawing hasty conclusions here.

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There is no room for rational thought in this area. We throw the nuances out the window, eliminate the biggest reactions to the opening of the series in the first weekend of the NBA playoffs.

Jason Tatum celebrates his winning streak by defeating the Nets in Game 1.

Jason Tatum celebrates his winning streak by defeating the Nets in Game 1.

In the first round of the Arcelq final

The Nets vs. Celtics were hailed as the best series of the first round, խաղը Game 1 exceeded expectations. After the commercial blows, Jason Tatum delivered the last blow to the Bulgarian with a victorious blow, giving Boston an exciting victory with one point. The stars shone – 54 points for Tatum և Jalen Brown, 62 for Kyrie Irving և Q Durant, և both teams showed their potential as contenders for the championship. If the rest of the series approaches the same intensity as the first game, we will have an epic first round match, as a result of which the winner will be confirmed as the favorite to reach the NBA Finals.

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The Sixers have a sprouting Big 3

Over the weekend, which was full of breakthrough performances, Tyrese Maxi had the biggest for the Sickers, scoring the highest point of their playoff career – 38 points in the first game victory over the Raptors. While Joel Embid (19 points, 5 of 15 shots) and James Harden (22 points, 6 of 17 shots) were fighting from the field, Maxey eliminated his weakness and helped Philadelphia dominate. Embiid will be back, but Harden’s explosiveness is still in question. If Maxey can continue to reach the finish line and score reliable goals, the Sixers have the firepower to really pose a threat to the Archelian Conference.

Tyrese Maxi scored the highest point of her playoff career with 38 points for the Sickers.

Tyrese Maxi scored the highest point of her playoff career with 38 points for the Sickers.

The wolves put the Grizzlies on a fierce alert

Minnesota took the biggest stunning of the first weekend, taking first place from the No. 2 Grizzlies in Memphis. Anthony Edwards had 36 points, his fourth ever in a playoff debut, and Carl-Anthony Towns had 29 points as the Timberwolves’s highest goal struck the Grizzlies’ usually tough defense in every game. The wolves showed that they would not be easily intimidated; did they find ways to limit the Grizzlies’ physicality? With D’Angelo Russell’s improved shots (2-1 in 11), the Wolves can be in good shape to overcome anxiety.

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Navigation management in the West

Phoenix entered the playoffs, being ignored as the title favorite, despite the best record in the NBA. After winning the first game with a wire, Suns began to make it clear that they were the team to be defeated. They led by 23, before the Pelicans pulled around 7, Phoenix sometimes got almost bored against the eighth seed. Chris Paul then “took the fourth quarter,” Sans quickly regained control մ pushed back the game. In doing so, they have shown that their dominant regular season is not accidental, they can move relatively easily to the Western Conference.

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Steph Carey is back after a month with an ankle injury, but Jordan Poole stole the show for the Warriors in his playoff debut with 30 points in his debut game. Poole has been a major contributor throughout the season, և his role could be increased in the playoffs, which gives the Warriors the flexibility to play with small squads that have been devastated during their championship years. Whether he stays in the starting lineup or returns to the bench, Poole will be vital alongside Golden State’s main lineup, Carrie, Clay Thompson and Draymond Green.

The best chance is for the Taurus to slip

Chicago hits itself after allowing the golden opportunity to steal Game 1 to slip through its fingers, և possibly, it’s the chance to worry in the first round. The Bulls eliminated the 16-point deficit by one point shortly after the middle of the fourth quarter until defending champion Bucks closed the door. Milwaukee won despite 21 turns, while Chris Middleton and Water Holiday shot 10 out of 29 together. They will definitely return it. Chicago is unlikely to hit so badly again (32.3% overall, 18.9% on the 3s), but the Bucks defense is much better prepared to repeat.

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There are no signs of discontent in Miami

At the end of March, this side dispute now seems to be a lifetime ahead. It seems that the first generation Heat is in perfect harmony again after easily sending the Hawks to the first game. Miami’s defense suffocated և limited Atlanta to և 38.7% shots overall at և 27.8% 3s, including a 1-on-12 display by the Hawks star. Trey Young. By pressing the defense, Heat received an offensive contribution from the entire deep list, which is fully synchronized և ready for a deep playoff run.

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Dallas has no chance without Luca

It is always difficult to compete at the highest level without an injured star. It’s especially difficult when the star is as responsible as Luka Donչiիչը for the Mavericks. Doncic was sidelined with a calf injury when Jazz played its first game in Dallas, and his absence showed that anything could happen quickly. The Mavs predictably struggled to create an attack, without their main initiator եցին shooting 38.2% overall և 28.1% 3s. Dallas will be careful of Donchich’s injury. after all, he’s a franchisee. But Mavs’ stay in the playoffs will be short without him.

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