NASCAR has Next Gen’s problem և Darrell Waltrip is back.


Let’s get rid of that one’s not talking about it anymore, okay?

Good. Let’s try not to be also: dramatic here. Not every race will be a home run (happy baseball season!) Եւ, to be fair, there have not been many (if any) hits this season.

But when? Dale Ernhard Jr. posted a photo on Twitter Trash right after the race … yes, that could be a problem.

“I do not think the race was bad, but it was definitely harder to get through,” said (extremely) optimistic Joey Logano. “If you’re right behind them, it ‘s no secret that this car is worse in dirty air. You could not climb the racetrack in the opposite direction or do anything while trying to cross them. You are really stuck. ”

BOOGITY, BOOGITY, BOOGITY !: Darrell Waltrip returns to Fox NASCAR booth for Bristol Motor Speedway

NEXT SEND. NASCAR makes major changes to next-generation vehicles, including larger wheels, each with a single lock

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Chase Elliott (9): William Byron led all but six rounds in Martinsville.

Chase Elliott (9): William Byron led all but six rounds in Martinsville.

Dale Ernhard Jr., others discuss Next Gen issues in short tracks

Logano finished second, behind race winner William Byron, who, along with Chase Elliott, led 397 of 403 laps.

Let me reiterate that… Hendrick’s two drivers spent all but six of them in Martinsville on Saturday night.

There were only two “natural” warnings (NASCAR also set the trigger quickly), five “lead changes” (although there were no real transfers for the leader) և very … well, nothing.

I think Clint Bower spoke for us all when he shouted “be careful.” to go back six.

“More horsepower will definitely not hurt, but I do not think that’s the whole point,” said Ryan Blaine, who finished fourth.

Danny Hamley. “I have no idea” how to fix the next mistake of Next Gen

So what is the problem? Because that’s something NASCAR should probably fix before returning to Martinsville in the fall.

It’s a bad race, but we saw things like that in Richmond last week, so it’s clear that the new Next Gen has had an impact on short-distance racing, which is NASCAR bread and butter.

More horsepower, Blaine said, could help. Warmer weather would not hurt և Goodyear, who rushes in to fix the tires. “Left-handers just don’t wear this car,” Blaine admitted, “he can do it too.”

The biggest concern seems to be mobility. There was a lot of movement in Martinsville.

Probably too much, said Harvik.

“The odds are very wrong,” he told NBC Sports.

All right, Danny Hamley. It is your turn. Tell us what happened there because you finished 28th.

Yes, Martinsville’s five-time winner finished 28th.

“The awakening is great,” he told NBC about the new car. “It simply came to our notice then. It’s a combination of car, running and tire. All together are things that are equal to what we have.

“We are learning, we are trying to get better, but we have no idea how you fixed this problem right now.”


Bogit, bogit, bogit! Darrell Waltrip returns to the Fox booth

GOOD. Enough about the car (for now). Nothing can be fixed on Easter Sunday in a dirty race in Bristol, right?

Speaking of this week’s dirty return …

Bogit, bogit, bogit!

Yes, Darrell Waltrip is the next Fox guest analyst at the booth.

“I’m excited to have the opportunity to take part in the Bristol Dirt race,” said Waltrip, who has won 12 Bristols. “When Fox first asked me, I was very excited, because Bristol is, in fact, my favorite path. If I could choose just one race to race, it would be Bristol. The track celebrates Easter with a special celebration, “We will complete it with a wonderful race that evening.”

DW (DW-yah, as Larry McRainolds would say) retired from the booth back in 2019 after nearly two decades of racing with Mike Joe. The 75-year-old Waltrip will now become the sixth guest analyst to run this year, joining Tony Stewart, Danica Patrick, Matt Kensett, Jeff Gordon and Chad Knaus.

So we get the Waltrip AND Bowyer – by the way, it was fantastic in its second season – in the same booth together.

Early “good luck” to Mike Joe this week.

NASCAR leaves for Bristol Easter.

Speaking of Bristol Dirt …

A second “success” to anyone trying to guess what it will look like. Last year was quite difficult, but now we are back for the second time in a new car, working that night.

Daniel Suarez, Martin Truex Jr. Ջ Joey Logano were the main players last season, so I guess we will start with them.

The path itself will also be under the microscope. Remember that last year we dealt with a number of issues, including dust and visibility issues that led to the final re-launch of a single file.

Running this at night should help, so Mother Nature will probably give us a break.

Alex Bowman, of course, is rooting for it.

“I would like to see where my race car is traveling,” Bowman said boldly. “But other than that, I’m really looking forward to it.”

This article originally appeared in The Daytona Beach News-Journal. Can NASCAR fix the problem of its next generation in a short way? It may be too late

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