Moro Ojomo’s sincere words focus on Steve Sargsyan’s cultural struggle in Texas.

One of the key aspects of a head coach’s job is controlling the message, both in the locker room and through the media. In Texas, something is missing in translation.

After the first spring training session on March 22, Texas coach Steve Sargsyan was asked about the current level of players compared to a year ago.

“I told you that last year,” Sargsyan replied. “I think it’s good, but you have to ask the players.”

Last week, reporters asked to defend Moro Ojomo. Seriously, the captain described a culture where some players put women, money and alcohol on top of what’s “this is rooted” in Texas.

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Based on that answer, Sargsyan told reporters on Tuesday. “He will not talk to you for a while.”

It all started last Thursday, when Ojomo sat down for a 25-minute interview after practice. UT officials usually make it available only to major investors or captains. It is a merit-based approach, widely used in college athletics.

Ojomo is a brilliant academic player, the first player on the team with four seasons on his resume, 25 starts and 38 career games. Katy’s product has been in Texas since 2018, has seen the heights of the Sugar Bowl ցածր the low levels of Kansas և knows well how the wardrobe touches. At no point did Ojomo speak out of showmanship, at least not to reporters.

Ojomo, which specializes in business and finance, is starting again this fall. He is without a doubt one of the Longhorns’s best speakers.

Asked last week if the young players were listening to him, Ojomo said: “They are young people aged 18 to 22 who want to pursue women, they want to pursue money, they want to pursue alcohol, they do not see the future. They deviate greatly from what lies ahead.

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“It’s so difficult, especially for boys who have not been in a winning culture,” Ojomo added. “That’s why it’s so easy for so many of these power structures to continue their work, because it’s done. … It’s a lot harder. They always talk about coming here and changing things. “Coming here, changing things, seems to be ingrained.”

He went on to say that there are players who are “more worried about being on Sixth Street than, for example, playing ball and earning $ 50 million.” That’s crazy. I do not know why. “

The title of team culture is one issue. Another thing is to invite individual players out. Answering the question about the offensive line, Ojomo said. “Christian Jones needs to understand that. “Andrei Karich and Jaylen Garth need to grow up.”

If it was 2002, or maybe even 2012, Ojomo’s comments would probably have been on the minds of Longhorns, who were part of the league team. But “Horns” has participated in only one game of the “Big 12” championship since 2009, suffered three consecutive defeats in 2014-16, and last year recorded a 5-7 score in Sargsyan’s debut.

Some, if not most, of Texas 2023 recruits were not even born when Vince Young scored his fourth և 5 goal to win the 2005 national title.

Charlie Strong և Tom Herman both failed to control this heavy battleship, which went off track under McBrown when Alabama instantly crushed Colt McCoy’s shoulder in the 2009 title game. Now Sargsyan is under control.

“Culture is always a challenge. “Culture is organic,” Sargsyan said on Tuesday. “And I think Moro will be the first to tell you. I think he would like to get back some of what he said.”

Sargsyan said it was “a little disappointing” if one of the players commented that there was a locker room in Texas full of disinterested players. “But it was said, it was written, it is normal,” he said. “But what I do inside is more important to me than what we do at home.”

Texas Defensive Players Keondre Coburn և Moro Ojomo warm up before last season's win over Texas Tech at the Royal Memorial last season.  On Tuesday, UT coach Steve Sargsyan criticized Ojomo's remarks to reporters last week about the team's locker room culture.

Texas defensive players Keondre Coburn և Moro Ojomo warm up before last season’s victory over Texas Tech at the Royal Memorial last season. On Tuesday, UT coach Steve Sargsyan criticized Ojomo’s remarks to reporters last week about the team’s locker room culture. “If you are really a family, you will not go out or talk about family business, you will take care of internal affairs,” said Sargsyan.

Set aside calling Ojomo individual players. How did Sargsyan react to the main message?

“The forum was really poor. “He should not have done it in public,” said Sargsyan. “A team led by players, a team led by really good players, those questions, if you have any problems with something, (they) are taken care of in the closet, taken care of in the meeting room. If you’re really a family, you would not go out and talk about a family business. You take care of the internal affairs.

“I think his intentions were right, but the delivery, the way it was used, was bad,” the coach added. “After all, you have to make sure you mow your own lawn,: you have to make sure your own house is in order before you start discussing what others are doing or how they are doing it. »

To the question whether he will punish Ojomo, Sargsyan answered. “He will not talk to you for a while.”

Texas football ended the first clash

In the football news, quarterback defenders Hudson Card and Quinn Evers both played “effectively” during Saturday’s clash, Sargsyan said. Both made more than 70% of their transitions և neither had a turnover.

“I thought that on Saturday we really defended the race well, what we want, we have to do, we have to be good, I thought we did it,” said Sargsyan. The only explosive race of the day took place in the last game of the brawl.

“Otherwise,” said the coach, “I want to be able to drive the ball better.” That’s critical. “

From the defensive edges, Sargsyan said. “I want more deviations. I want more knockdowns. I want more wiretaps. ” He noted that Kitan Crawford had a better view of safety than a corner, and that Maurice Blackwell Jr. was one of the best players in the division.

Sargsyan said on Tuesday that freshman Ceylon Gilbo’s freshman was currently disqualified for an undisclosed breach of team rules.

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This article originally appeared in Austin American-State. Moro Ojomo. Some players put money, money and alcohol on Texas football.

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