Mets dominates next to Phyllis, but James McCann plays an unknown hero

James McCain top five gray uniform with helmet

James McCain top five gray uniform with helmet

PHILADELPHIA – Slides kept coming in the form of rapid fire. Edwin Diaz He had a fast 100 mph ball in his back pocket, but in the ninth innings the game was on the line, he threw the slides one after the other, practically daring to look for Phyllis’s strikers, to be in danger because of the heater.

“Sahik was working,” Diaz said, then shrugging his shoulders. “Why change my mindset when something works?”

Why really?

Gaining a 2-0 advantage overnight after an epic bullshit, Metz desperately needed Diaz, who had just returned from attending his grandfather’s funeral in Puerto Rico, to be safe.

So, for a start, he threw a 2-2 slide, which caused a swinging shot Step Schwarber.

Then, after JT Realmuto: Diaz had no mistake.

His response was to throw five straight slides Bryce Harper, who continued to do powerful hacking as if he refused to believe that he would not get a quick ball in the end և finally hit by swaying.

Even more pressure after that Nick Castellanosthe ball bounced off the post Francisco Lindor around, allowing Realmuto to win for the second time.

Diaz went to the slide again. five straight to Rhys Hoskinsfinally getting the last swing և skip the game ել maintain the 2-0 win over Phyllis.

In total, Diaz threw 23 pitches, and the last 19 of 15 were slides.

It’s been a delightful end for another great field player who can still claim the best starting rotation in major tournaments even without Jacob de Grom.

Taylor Megil Supported his dominance over Opening Night at the Nationals with a more impressive start to the Phillyn և their monster lineup. He played with 5 1/3, now he has made 10 1/3 goalless innings to start the season, as if he is in the stage of creating a star.

In addition, Drew Smith appeared as a potential lifeline for what looked like a thin bullet, with five large exits to pass through the seventh to eighth innings, three with a blow.

And finally, Diaz offered reason to believe that this might be the season he was reaping all of that, as the elite closer Mets thought they were getting three years ahead of the Marines. Because when he commands his slide like he did here on Tuesday night, it often does not hit him.

However, if the jars were the main ones tonight, then the unknown hero was certainly attractive. James McCann.

He was the one who constantly called for a change of key points by Megil, believing that the strikers were designed for a speed of 97 mph, which is why they get great results.

He was the one who made sure that the tough-throwing Smith mixed it up using his converter and cutter to get the ball out quickly.

And last but not least, the headline made you read this article.

Then the jars all said they believed in what McCann was calling, knowing how well he read swings, in addition to the pre-game work he did on scout reports and analysis.

“I put all my trust in James,” said Megil.

McCann, in turn, said that this is what he is most proud of as a catcher.

“It’s a fun part of the game,” he said. “It is a chess game. What is the striker looking for? What are his swings like on a certain pitch?

“It’s something I’m very proud of. It starts before the game by looking at all the information, the numbers. That’s my basis, but then when the game starts, I also trust what my eyes say.

“With Diaz, I could see from the beginning that he had good things. The swings told me that the slide was the place to go. It was one of those nights where I had a lot of feelings about it, so I kept calling it quits. And thank goodness for Diaz, he kept throwing the good ones. ”

That, of course, is the risk. One hanging slide could ruin everything, և it is always easier to guess that kind of mistake when someone like Diaz can throw the ball next to someone when he finds it.

The problem is that Diaz does not always command that fast ball, և speed hardly restrains the strikers these days, so if it is below average, he often gets hit.

McCann saw the “action,” as he called it, on the slide, and chose to live and die that way.

“You really believe in what you see,” he said.

That conviction gave a great result և created a happy club. The stinging sensation of the collapse of the eighth inning on Monday night seemed to have been forgotten.

This is the nature of a season of 162 games, moreover, the “big ones” are going high at the beginning of this season, dominating the starting positions even without degroding, giving them grounds to believe that they have the potential to win.

And so, one night that started Buck Schwalter “It’s not always better, just get people out,” Buck said. a way to increase your own speed.

“One Red Bull, two Advils,” Smith said with a laugh. “She said it worked for her.”

In fact, a pitching coach Jeremy Hefner He told me that he had talked to Maggie about trying to do a lot of things quickly, but as it turned out, that was not a concern at all. In fact, Megil went on to say that she understands that her change is vital to maintaining this hot start.

“It becomes a big field for me,” he said. “James called it some big situations, we had some way out of it.”

As such, the night again belonged to the playing field. But it was night to assess the boy who was shooting.

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