Mason Greenwood. The Manchester United teenager on his way to growing up

“It will be someone who will call Mason to see if he can play,” his wife told Julie every time the phone rang.

Greenwood has obviously always made an impression on the pitch.

Since those carefree days as a lightning fast striker playing near his hometown of Bradford, the 18-year-old has become an integral part of improving United, scoring goals, helping the team rise in the league to speak over the past month. about as the next great English talent.

He could also help United reach the Europa League final if Ole Gunnar Sulsher’s side beat Celia in the semi-finals on Sunday.

After scoring 10 goals in his league debut season, Greenwood is only the third teenager to score 10 or more goals in a single English Premier League season.

Former England captain Alan Shearer has announced that Greenwood could claim the Premier League record. According to former Liverpool player and now football expert Jamie Redknapp, those at United who have worked with the teenager say he is one of the best he has ever seen at the club, while another former England star Gary Lineker has said: that it “will not happen”. long “, until Greenwood is selected by England coach Gareth Southgate. The list of fans seems endless.

But those who follow United closely know of a young player named Greenwood who has been in the squad for years. Hyperbole and excitement haunted the player from a young age.

“Another level for everyone”

As a six-year-old who played on the Idle FC Under-7 team, it was young Greenwood’s pace that stood out, Newsham recalls.

Shy, small, Greenwood had an eye for the goal, shooting in the field of view, just as he did for United’s post-election block as the team secured a lucrative place in the Champions League, finishing third in the league.

A few days after his sixth birthday, Greenwood celebrated his debut for Idle FC against Silsden Football and Cricket Club, scoring all 10 goals in a 10-1 victory.

“I had to fire him because you had to stop the game after scoring 10 goals, so I had to fire him, otherwise the game would end very quickly,” Nyushem recalled with a smile. “I would continue to take him out, he would just cling to my leg, looking at me and asking: “Can I go on again, Paul?” He was so happy to be playing.

“From the first training session, his control over the ball at that age was excellent. “Looking at him, you could say he was on a completely different level.”

Greenwood (2R) celebrates his team's second goal against Aston Villa on July 9, 2020.

Greenwood’s ability to score is a natural talent that has been so refined that Sulsher, a man who worked with Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo, described him as the deadliest end he had ever seen at that age. He is only the fourth teenager in the history of “United” – George Best, after Brian Kidd and Rooney, who scored 17 or more goals in one season.

It was during the Idle Annual Invitation Tournament, attended by local youth teams, that Greenwood stood on a road leading to Old Trafford. Impressively watching the scouts, including United, he started training immediately after the tournament at the United Development Center in Halifax, Yorkshire, eventually signing for the club at the age of nine.

“I talked to a few scouts in that tournament, I’m sure I talked to a Manchester United scout, but I don’t remember because a lot of people came to me and then asked about him,” added Newsham.

“Once he went to Manchester United when he was seven, he could not play for us. His father called me and said he was not allowed to play anymore. “You can understand why they do not want to play local football.”

Flowering during the time of Solsher

Greenwood’s rise was rapid, but not surprising to his former coach. At the age of 14, “United” gave him a scholarship. Two years later, he topped the Under-18 Premier League scorers list (in the north), being named the tournament’s best player at the 2018 Kor Groenwegen International Tournament. He also surpassed the level of the England age group by helping England win the Under-18 Championship with four teams in Limoges.

Greenwood is part of the England U15 Turkey-U15 international friendly match, which took place on December 21, 2015 in St. George's Park, Berton-Opon-Trent, England.

Under Jose Mourinho, Greenwood made his senior debut for United in the summer of 2018 during a pre-season tour of the Club of America in Phoenix, but he flourished under Solsher, especially after the Premier League resumed the following June. 100-day break due to coronavirus epidemic.

He is now in the first team, having scored five goals in the last eight games of the season, and has returned from the block with significantly more muscle than the teenager who started the season on the bench.

“Sometimes it’s something you see in young players that at first you see them և there’s evidence of talent, but then there’s a point where they develop that extra, be it upper body muscles or the edge of speed, to grab them. from someone. “British sports journalist Richard Jolly tells CNN Sport.

“I think we will never know what would have happened without the blockade, but he seems to be back stronger than that, he is ready to play every week.”

What sets Greenwood apart from many other players is that he is a two-legged, rare skill acquired by his father, who would encourage him to train on two legs. Twenty minutes before the start of training in the center of Halifax, United, Greenwood fired two feet at the trash outside the door, so the story goes on.

His family, which had escaped the media spotlight as a teenager, played a key role in his rise when his father took him to Mosside, a relatively remote area of ​​the city, to play football with five people. tighten it.

Greenwood celebrates scoring against Bournemouth at Old Trafford on July 4, 2020.

Being ready in front of the goal, he plays as if time is slowing down when he has the ball, he has already proved that he can score from all kinds of angles and distances.

“He’s really two-faced with his finish, he scores a lot of goals both from the outside and inside,” added Jolie. “For those who believe in the expected goals, Greenwood far exceeds his expectations by showing what a good finish he is. He does not miss the chances at all.

Everyone at United probably knows he’s here to stay. He is like that in the long run, he is very similar. [Marcus] “Rashford is one of those people who saved them կամ 50 or միլիոն 100 million.”

“Mass Exciting”

There must be some perspective, of course. At the same age, World Cup winner Kilian Mbabane played in the Champions League, surpassing Thierry Henry’s Ligue 1 record.

However, there is no denying that Greenwood is a great talent. Football is a cruel business, վ Greenwood has already overcome the probability, achieving so much. In Michael Calvin’s book “No Hunger in Paradise”, only 180 of the 1.5 million boys who play youth football in England will become Premier. League professional. But during his young life, Greenwood stood out from the rest.

Kilian Mbape.  The phenomenon
“Mason Greenwood and I are really looking for a player who can be what he wants to be.” Mark Goldbridge, The host of United Stand, CNN Sport reports.

“People talk about him being there with people like Neymar, Mbape and Messi. I think that is unfair. But at the age of 18, I remember Wayne Rooney, there are parallels in different ways, because he has the talent that he has. Senior, experienced Premier League clubs struggle to shut him down when he runs out of two legs.

We are really excited about what he will become at Manchester United.

The praise for Greenwood has been lavish over the past few weeks. If he continues on the upward trajectory, he can learn from it.

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