Mark Jackson would be the wrong coach for the Lakers

In the NBA, coaching is possible, there are many examples of how the wrong coach can mess with the right team.

LeBron James և Anthony Daisy’s probably due to a slightly more productive exchange from Russell Westbrook The Los Angeles Lakers are likely to have the right team again next season.

Many media outlets are talking about several candidates for the vacant position of head coach in Los Angeles, և, according to the information, James would be “excited” about one election.

That man would be Mark Jackson.

Of course, there are those who think he can work wonders with the Lakers, such as TNT analyst Kenny Smith.

Through Lakers Daily.

“Mark Jackson can definitely coach the Lakers for the title,” said Smith.

But when we look more closely, it becomes clear that Jackson simply would not cut it.

Jackson had little to do with the future dynasty

When Jackson was hired as head coach of the Golden State Warriors in the 2011-12 season, they had a young Steven Carey and a newcomer Clay Thompson.

At the time, Carrie was sharing the back with Monta Ellis, who was a very good player, with David Lee, a strong all-star striker, in the front.

The Warriors scored 23-43 in that first season as Carrie և Ellis missed many games.

The following season, Golden State exchanged Alice for Draymond Green, who won 47 games, losing in the second round of the playoffs to the San Antonio Spurs.

So far it was clear that this group had serious potential. Carrie was overcoming the injury problems that had plagued her in the past, and she and Thompson were already in a fatal coma.

But the Warriors only improved to 51 wins in 2014, losing seven games to the Los Angeles Clippers in the first half of the season.

Jackson was fired and his successor, Steve Kerr, made the Warriors their best option.

They improved to 67 wins in 2015, ranking fourth to fourth in defense and second to 12th in attack and first to 10th in a single game.

As a result, that year Golden State won the NBA championship.

Kerry did this by maximizing the strengths of his players, while Jackson used inappropriate, outdated offensive philosophies.

Through Bleacher Report.

“It is no secret that the Golden State Warriors struggled to conduct an offensive set under the control of Mark Jackson,” wrote Adam Fromal.

“It is true that Jackson was a master of defense, but his offensive units were often stagnant. Very often the property turned into isolation հիմնական the performance of the main plays failed.

“Stephen Curry was not used as a catch-shooter or a ball. Andrew Bogut, one of the best players in the NBA, is rarely created for others. The ball screens were set too high, did not contribute to the space between the shooters.

“But under Steve Kerry, everything is different.”

As bad as the Lakers’ defense was this year (they ranked 21st defensively), their attack was just as bad as their 23rd attack efficiency.

Too often, the Los Angeles midfield break was slow:, հաճախ the team often had to hit low outside when the clock was ticking.

The Lakers need more movement, more innovation, more pace և more Showtime. Until Jackson develops as an attacking tactic, he will not be able to make it a reality.

Jackson’s worst trait as a coach

In addition to tactics, the NBA head coach’s biggest role is to manage the ego, to unite his team under one common vision.

Jackson reportedly failed to make it to Golden State, which led to his dismissal.

Through NBC Sports.

“Part of it was that he could not find common ground with anyone in the organization,” Warriors owner Joe Lacob said in 2014. but you can not have 200 people in the organization, unlike you. “

Why did Jackson “not get along with anyone else” in that organization?

Jackson, originally from Queens, New York, is a devout believer, he’s an ordained minister.

Of course, his right to worship and to practice his faith as a Christian believer must be respected.

But while he was at the helm of the Warriors, that reportedly became a problem.

Although he had a good relationship with Carrie և Andre Iguodala, who is quite religious, there were many reports that Jackson’s faith had become a dividing line between his team, that he disagreed with some of his players because they were secular.

There is nothing wrong with being religiously religious, just as being secular is not religious, but such personal views should not interfere with the team.

The Lakers already had problems with team chemistry this season. Some of them were related to the reflex reaction of Russell Westbrook to the reactions of coaches and teammates.

If they hope to return to the glory of their past, they can not afford to bring with them someone who could be a divisive or divisive presence.



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