Kyle Bush is Dale Ernhard, Ken Harwick is tired, can Chase Elliott beat Cody Ware?

Boy, boy … where to start?

How about Chase Elliott vs. Cody Warr?

GOOD. We will not do it start there (although we will get there). I think we should start from the end, right?

Because, although Mother Nature did her best to spoil it for us, the last hour (և lap) of Sunday’s Bristol Dirt race allowed us to talk a lot.

“I feel like Captain Dale Ernhardt, I did not even do anything,” said Kyle Bush … excited … after giving the crowd a surprise victory on Easter night. “Sometimes the seas split, you get one, so I’ll take it.”

Take it, Rudy.

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They added dirt again in Bristol ... մեկ Once again, it caused a lot of emotions from everyone involved.

They added dirt again in Bristol … մեկ Once again, it caused a lot of emotions from everyone involved.

Chase Briscon, Tyler Radick արվեստ The Art of Dirty Racing

Okay, let’s dive in.

Chase Briscoe (better Chase) had the best car on Sunday, he did what any dirty rider would do during the last lap. send it, I hope he will keep it, և then deal with the fall.

Unfortunately, his number 14 did not rule out Tyler Redick, who came out of the 4th row, both of them spun, և Bush was there to win his 60th career race.

Moreover, it is already 18 consecutive seasons with the victory of Bush, which equates him to … Richard Patti.

Not a bad company.

But back to the final Briscoe-Redick turn…

“I mean, you’re running on the ground,” Redik said after the race. “Moving to the last corner. That’s all you need to fight for as a driver. “I should have done a better job of removing him so he would not be out of range to try to take that step.”

Kevin Harvik is done with Bristol Dirt, but are there any TV ratings?

The two drivers spoke after the race, a moment we all saw և heard live, thanks to the well-installed Fox microphone և they both seemed quite pleased with the end result.

Look, Kevin Harvik եյ Chase Elliott … you can Destroy each other in Bristol ացեք leave happily.

Speaking of the two … they both had their own roles this time. Let’s start with Harwick, who returned home after an early devastation at Easter dinner.

Q: What did you think of Bristol Dirt this year? Pretty fun, isn’t it?

“I think it is ridiculous that we do what we do,” he said. “I had a great car. The racetrack was good. They just did a terrible job at first. “They have done it before.”

Therefore. However, not everything is bad, is it? Of course, this type of race can be saved, right?

“What does it really mean? I suppose it will show the rating of the television, if the rating of the television is high, it will be great.”


Cody Ware is being persecuted … Chase Elliott?

All right, Chase. It is your turn.

Quick, who had Chase Elliott vs. Cody War on their bingo card for the season?

“Who’s that idiot … who’s that guy?” The 9th team asked on the radio after War carefully ran after Chase after the two had previously spoken. “If he cuts our tire, I’ll hit him…”

Cody, what’s the matter?

“I’m tired of being bullied by all these guys,” Ware said on his radio.

“Copy it,” his team replied. “He is furious because he had nothing for you.”

Here are a few things to keep in mind.

I know Chase is in the middle of a 25-race winless streak, but, um … I’m not sure there will ever be, or will ever be, a moment in the history of the race where Chase Eliot has nothing. Cody Ware, who averages 32nd in 64 career Cup races.

But … Clyde should be careful about this one, because the guys in the study tell me that Cody is 6 feet tall, while Chase is about 5-10.

I’m not sure Hendrik’s horsepower will help you with that, Chase.

Dale Ernhard Jr. joins NASCAR at Fox Booth in Talladega

Good. It’s enough to talk about Bristol for a while …

We go to “Dega! And we bring Dale Ernhard Jr. with us.

Yes, Junior crosses the aisle on Sunday, leaving his NBC booth for a week to be the next guest analyst at Fox booth next to Mike Joey և Clint Bower.

Quick aside. Do not say that you did not like listening to the DW booth last week. Having heard from some of his replacements over the years, I think we can all agree that we missed the point.

What, welcome to Degas, Dale! Junior has won “Taladega” six times, the last time in 2015, while his father has won 10 times there.

I do not know if you knew this, but the name Ernhardt is quite common in that part of the country.

Welcome to the Fox Team, Junior! I’m sure you will have a really hard time adjusting to Bower.

This article originally appeared in The Daytona Beach News-Journal. Keane Harwick blows up NASCAR in Bristol, and Cody Warr chases Chase Elliott.

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