If you have a good interest rate, you’s new to your favorite:

Si una rata cae en tu cama, llama al novio de tu amante.  (Brian Rea / The New York Times)

Si una rata cae en tu cama, llama al novio de tu amante. (Brian Rea / The New York Times)


The flow of the curtains that cut the vent into the oil of my glass penetrates to one of the 4 of the madrugada. After that I just set the time to get a salt rate from the alpheizar to my edredón.

Salté de la cama, gritando, pero mi pie se enredó en la ábanas y me astrellé contra el suelo en la midad de mi studio. I leveled and stretched the lights to be tested that my visitor smelled the product of a pedestal. The rate, which now corrects through the flow of my cam, has a slight effect on the escalator of the hasta even the vent of my terrifying piss.

Había ído hablar of other dramatically adventurous roedores in the West Village of Manhattan, even though I was surprised at the time when the pandemic struck the restaurants, but that the rats salieron in the bus of new food points. Temblando, mientras me ponía una bata, rebuscaba en mis armarios con la esperanza de encontar provisionsis improvisadas para atrapar ratas, me maldije por haber dejado la ventana abierta, y por haber decidido vivir sola.

Pence in my novelty, Celeste, and in the Brooklyn Department of Planting. ¿Why not set up on your own with your cat, Teaspoons, rocking to the bottom? The first thing I want to sleep in your house, Teaspoons after the night frothed with all the enthusiasm in my sandals that you pull, because the blinds of the veil are irreparably obstructed by the shore. Now, as many as I can, I have found that the sandals have been preserved, but the reservoir and the sole of the neck have a dissuasive potential for the rods.

Room with all the people who follow the end of my matrimony that my therapist can not record their numbers. Llamó “Flor de invernadero” and a woman from the high society and “Übermensch francés” and an economist who loves me and my muscles. I like a violinist, an English banker and a lexicographer as the gustaban las the falcons and the cocktails of the epoch. All eran divertidos, pero Celeste era diferente.

When I spread it out in the first half, I felt it in a stool of a hipster tequila bar, its green and delicate hiccups that make me hurry. Mientras me reía con sus historias y Respía a sus perspicaces preguntas, me sentí aún más acalorada. Literally, emped a sudar in the abarrotado bar.

I agitated my arm in a gesture, with my heart and my mind and at the moment I felt the slightest temperature have risen from the corpus luteum embedded in the fibers of the vintage vest that I was amazed to see before. At the end of the sail, when Celeste is inclined to abrazarme, the abrazar is used only the antebrazos, with the upper part of the brazos arranged against my skin to contain the ol.

“Debí haberte besado”, sent a text message sent from my home.

“Tal Qué tal el viernes?”, She replied. From entons we besamos and hablamos.

It does not need to be sold with women up to 40 years old. Celeste, my first novelty, but surety, found interruptively diverted my antiquated errors and posterior moments of inconvenience. When we call, we do not have much to do with the fact that we have a lot of good relations. Ninguna de las dos quería lanzarse a otra relación seria. However, many other quotes are centered on the platform, and we can only configure the most different parts of our screws.

But at night (which is clearly calibrated as part of a hand, with a handle, with screws), Celeste and Teaspoons establish miles of distance. Our vivir separadas acoustics need to be operated by solar panels. The nights that we are separating, we are blabbering on about the details of our other quotes. Pero libertad también significaba que no tenia a nadie que me ayudara me crisis com la la rata, que parecía haberse refugiado en na caja de carton bajo mi cama.

Respond hondo, miré el dibujo de feminist philosopher Simone de Beauvoir que colgaba sobre mi escritorio y me dije que no necesitaba ayuda. Use an escalator to sow the tea on the couch and close the door of my portage department, with the faculties and mismatched masses mentally discouraged with my veggies as the installment does not salivate.

When the work house is empty, Beauvoir’s room is turned upside down. The rate at no stagnation is in the tea deprived of all. Después que que me marche, había explorado su nueva morada, royó la cortina de la duchaa, derribó la mano de maki del maniíí donde colgaba mis joyas e, imagina, quizós miró with nostalgia por la venta cerrada mientras lamentaba algunas de .

Lastly, I was shocked by the collapsed vestibules in my closet and I was shocked by the method of traversing a stenter, having a needle inserted into my jersey. I do not want to go all the way, except that I do not set up any other site.

Close the door of the cabinet and put it in the compartment of the superintendent of my unit.

“¿Tal vez sea un ratón?”, He asked, separating his one centimeter.

“Una rata”, insist, friend the manos, to confirm the tamaño.

Aseptic, levante a ceja y me dijo that estaba de suerte, por’s’s visit of the exterminator estabi prevista para la semana siguente.

Llamé a Celeste para preguntarle si podía pasa unas noches en su casa u quizá pedirle prestada algo de ropa, pues mi nueva compañera piso estaba usando toda la mía. Me dijo que sí. Minutes left, I sent another text message: “Gary offered a ir a atrapar tu rata”.

Gary, an artist who revives life by reviving historical construction techniques, is steep and delicate in nature. No le molesta la fauna menos agradable de Nueva York. The menu includes catalogs containing bivalve mugs, pieces, and chisel pieces that are cut from the fango to maintain the actual limb of the Gowanus de Brooklyn canal. We see that we are living, guiding a fleet of canoes through the canal up to the port of New York, describing with joy the pilgrims of their infant cages in Somerset, England, in the cocoon of the winds of the river, flowing .

Gary podfa enfrentarse a una rata. I do not have any Gary security support. Yl y Celeste se habían enamorado recientimente, unidos per su pasón compartida por la recuperation de las vías fluviales urbanas. Ya estaban hablando de irse a vivir juntos.

Celeste dijo que no quería que nustra relationa cambiara, aunque ella and Gary se convirtieran en un pareja seria. Aun así, estaba preocupada. Celeste and we prepare cocktails, we spend time in cafeterias and we have museums.

Gary ayudó to construct algunas of the elaborate installations of these museums. I do not prepare delicious cocktails alone, although they are co-opted voluntarily in a granule transport project by Hudson’s in a sailboat to elaborate on more substantial alcohol. Menu llegaba a la cafeteria with its bicycle loaded of rammas that have asherrado de borboles derribados por la tormenta, que tallaba para crear hermosas cucharas.

My insecurities hacked that I did not buy all the fashion with Gary. But I feel a lot more fashionable with the rate, as Celeste’s time and time again.

Gary y yo nos vimos en una ferretería.

Me preguntó por la rata. Le tendí las manos. Assembling with the headboard and turning the bump much larger than a hole, an oversized dimension version of a ratchet.

Going to my department, Gary was hired as a power pointer to manually maneuver like that for the swap.

“¡Mi cuchara de la culpa!”, He says.

Celeste me había regalado la cuchara de part de Gary meses atris. Now, Gary explicitly states that the world’s motto is felt to be felt by entrometers in my relation.

We prepare the trampoline, open the door of the armor and go to the Celeste department to wait. Me sent on the sofa with Teaspoons lightened in my reggae, extending the white fleece into my black mezcal pants. Celeste and Gary cook pasta, because I can eat pasta, and I cook, because Celeste insists that you can not live pasta solo.

As you can see, Gary is trying to find a way out of the clutter of his favorite place to cook: solo un delantal y nada más. It should not be considered too much, because it is deprived of the price, even if it has a plane passing through the night. In the same place, I slept happily with Celeste, my love, with both of us loving each other.

At the next car, Gary and I flocked to my department. Le abrí la puerta y esperé fuera.

“Ten La tenemos!”, Me llamó. “¡Y es grande!” Gary metió la rata en una bolsa de basura, pero le pedí un favor más. I want to see the bag and take a picture of the powder being added to the aseptic superintendent of my edition.

With the bag in hand, Gary despises me with an abrasion. “Te considero de la familia”, dijo. Yo le devolví el abrazo. Gary me había creído sin vacilar, se había lanzado a ayudar y había demostrado que me tenía present inclusu en el remolino distractor de unueva relacón.

Desperate months, when Celeste and Gary start fucking young, they do not get nervous. I was not surprised by a novelty, but I was surprised by a friend. And all because of a high interest rate and interest rate.

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