I haven’t had much fun in the movies in a long time (but it does have a trick)

Avoid us. This is one of the magical purposes of cinema. Not all films succeed, but when that happens, we have deep experiences for all tastes and senses. Y: The lost city is one of them.

New comedy Sandra Bullock Y: Channing Tatum It’s a comedy, a romance, an archeological adventure, and, frankly, it’s been a long time since I’ve had so much fun watching a movie on the big screen. But it has a trick.

Sandra Bullock և Channing Tatum և

Sandra Bullock են Channing Tatum և “La ciudad perdida” (French: Kimberley; © 2022 Paramount Pictures: All Rights Reserved)

Sandra Bullock portrays Loretta, the author of an erotic saga, a frustrated archaeologist who, despite her success, is completely invisible to her audience because of the model depicting her T-shirts. Dash is the character of her stories and sexy fantasy on paper, and Alan (Channing Tatum) is the handsome man who represents her in life. Both meet again at the presentation of a new novel, where fans go crazy over the model rather than the author or the book. And whether Alan tries to be compassionate, to share the spotlight with Loreta, the writer lives in a world of strangeness and inconvenience, not being able to see the person beyond him.

But then the tables turn. Loretta is confronted by a stubborn tycoon (played by Daniel Radlziff), who forces her to find the tomb of ancient treasures. Due to the author’s archeology, his knowledge of the tomb, he is probably the only one who can decipher the hieroglyphs needed to find it. And then a situation of entanglements and nonsense begins in crescendo և Includes incredible moments like Sandra Bullock in a jungle camping evening gown, Radcliffe as an evil joker, և Brad Pitt coming out as a hard worker.

Daniel Radcliffe և H.  'La ciudad perdida' (Kimberley French; © 2022 Paramount Pictures: All rights reserved :)

Daniel Radcliffe և Hector Anibal in The Lost City (Kimberley French; © 2022 Paramount Pictures; all rights reserved).

All of this makes for a fun և guaranteed escape cocktail, as long as we do not demand more than we need. That is, The lost city This is a film that we can not ask to explain the details of Indiana Jones archeological adventure, nor to make us feel the danger of Loretta living or spreading the adrenaline in the scenes of Brad Pitt action movies. No, everything here is done to let you go without taking anything seriously. Absolutely nothing.

Because: The lost city will have comedy, romance, action and adventure portions, but in reality. It is a satire from head to toe. Sandra Bullock repeats the performances of the same neighbor, clumsy, awkward or always deceitful, as we have seen in many of her comedies. offer: a Miss Special Agent passing: Love notification while you are asleep և even the thriller Network:. And I do not criticize it, it’s one of the tricks that made him a permanent figure on the international billboard, it still works for him. So much so that Tatum goes with the flow, adapting to the film և the comic style of his partner in such a way that everything flows, especially the unusual and crazy.

probably seeing The lost city Many viewers remember other comedic adventures such as: with a green heart! It:The jewel of the Nile, but unlike them, romance is a secondary accessory here. From the story to the characters, to the invisible character of Brad Pitt, The lost city There is a parody, as a result of which a film appears where nothing can be taken seriously. Because even the film itself does not..

Everything is designed to create a light universe where stupidity makes everything possible. Therefore, to have a great time with him, the task is to see him without archeological or romantic expectations. Without asking for much more than to avoid us with sympathy, charisma and colorful characters. So when you take the dull moments as they are, without taking anything seriously, you can find a fresh, fun movie.

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