Here are the rest of the top free agents in the 2022 NFL

Here are the rest of the NFL top free agents who originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

The best free agent in the NFL came off the board on Friday.

Corner defender Stephen Gilmore has reportedly joined the Indianapolis Colts in a two-year deal worth $ 23 million. The 2019 Defender of the Year was limited to just eight games against the Carolina Panthers last season, but still managed to make Pro Bowl the fifth of his career.

Gilmore’s addition continues the busy off-season for the Colts who traded Carson Wentz to: Washington commanders before acquiring Matt Ryan from Atlanta Falcons.

Even when Gilmore is no longer available, within a month of the NFL’s free agency, several well-known players remain in the open.

Here are some of the top players who have not signed yet.

Following his dramatic mid-season departure from the Cleveland Browns, Beckham Jr. played a key role in the Rams’ Super Bowl LVI. In eight regular-season games against Los Angeles, the triple Pro Bowler made 27 catches with 305 yards and five touchdowns. Then, in the post-season, Beckham Jr. made 21 assists on 288 yards and made two touches in four games that included points in the Super Bowl.

Unfortunately, 29-year-old Beckham Jr. failed due to a ruptured ACL during the Rams’ Super Bowl victory over the Bengalis in Cincinnati, which will certainly have some impact on his market. With Alain Robinson now on the team, a return to Los Angeles for the OBJ seems unlikely, as the Aries reportedly still hope to keep him.

If we are just talking about talent, then Brown is certainly one of the best players available. The 33-year-old made 42 passes in 5 games in just seven games last season, with four touches.

But he was limited to seven games as he was suspended for his COVID-19 vaccination status and released for leaving the Bucs midfield at MetLife Stadium in addition to an ankle injury. Brown insisted on his infamous outburst The New York Jets were motivated by the fact that the Bucs wanted him to play due to an ankle injury, while head coach Bruce Arians said it was due to a lack of goals.

Brown obviously can still play at a high level, but will any team take a chance on him? What it costs is large-scale seems interested in joining forces Deshon Watson in Cleveland.

When Theron Armstead joins the Dolphins, Brown continues to lead the attack. At the age of 36, Brown started all 17 games for the Seahawks on his way to his fifth Pro Bowl. The 2021 campaign was actually the third time in the last four seasons that Brown had played the full season for the eighth time in his 15-year career. Brown, who won the Texas first round in 2008, has spent the last four or more seasons in Seattle.

Clooney enjoyed a good comeback season with Brown in 2021. Three times, Pro Bowler averaged nine rebounds, 11 rebounds and 32 rebounds in 14 games. It was his best season since 2018 with the Houston Texans. As Chandler Jones, Von Miller and Hasson Redick have already signed, 29-year-old Clown is in the lead, and the Browns are reportedly trying to keep him.

Even at the age of 32, Gronkovsky continued to produce as one of the game’s best solid endings. Gronk took the seventh highest yards (802) at the solid ends, appearing in 12 games last season. The result of those 12 games put him on the pace for the season plus 1100 yards. Gronkovsky has never played in the NFL season without Tom Brady as his defender, and will probably stay that way in 2022.

Hicks has struggled with injuries in recent seasons, missing 11 games in 2019, up from eight in the previous season. But when he was on the pitch, Hicks made a difference along the defensive line. In nine games last season, he had 3.5 kicks, 5 kicks for defeat and 11 kicks for the defender. Once the Pro Bowler has been with the Bears since 2016 է enters its 33rd year season.

Melvin Ingram, DE, Kansas City Chiefs:

After a nine-year run with the Chargers, Ingram started last season with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He counted one dismissal ճնշ eight defenders’ pressure in eight games before switching to Kansas City in the middle of the season. Ingram, 32, then set the same numbers – one bag, eight QB pressures, while playing 58% in nine games with the leaders. Three times the Pro Bowler may not be the player it once was, but Ingram can still be a valuable spin.

Julio Jones, W.

Julio Jones’s experience lasted just one season in Tennessee, and the Pro Bowler was cut seven times by the Titans in March. Jones, 33, recorded 31 receptions for 434 yards in 2021 և one touch as he struggled to stay healthy for the second straight season. After limiting himself to nine games in his last season with Atlanta, Jones appeared in 10 games with the Titans.

Tyrann Mathieu, S, Kansas City Chiefs:

Matthew has been a stud during his three seasons with the Boss. Versatile security created three Pro Bowls, received two First Team All-Pro head badges, and helped leaders win the Super Bowl. Despite this, Kansas City decided to move to a younger direction by signing a $ 31.5 million deal with 25-year-old Justin Reid from Texas.

Mathieu turns 30 in May, but he is still in the best defense in the league, coming out of a season where he recorded three interruptions, a total of 76 shots. The Honey Badger has also proven to be extremely resilient, playing all of the 2017-19 seasons, missing two games in the last two years.

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