Gerrit Cole does not correspond to his contract. The Buck Showalter makes a real difference to the Mets

Two weeks after the season, we can already give final assessments.

CERIT COLL is NOT a $ 324 million pitcher

No player deserves such crazy money, but the Yankees broke Cole’s account because they knew they had to have a dominant starting number 1 if they were ever to return to the World Cup. According to them, the money was more than worth it, if Cole filled the stadium every time he went out on the field, “went deep” and won almost all of his big starts, which brought them both back and forth. It did not happen.

In the key 5th game of the 2020 Division series, in the game against Tampa Bay, Cole came out on the field well, but was left out of the game (which the Yankees continued to lose) after only 5 1/3 innings. Last year, at the end of the season, he received nine hits from the Blue Jays in two home runs in six innings, and in the AL Wild Card game, the Red Sox beat him after just two innings. In his first two starts this year, against the Red Sox և Blue Jays, he was at best low (9.2 IP, 6 ER, 3 HR).

Remember that the Yankees pay Cole about $ 1 million for each start, he could not even smell them from the World Series. Whether it’s lack of adhesive or not, if you are the Hal Steinbrens, you should now worry about getting your money back from Cole, while hoping that Luis Severino will have a strong comeback season this year.


There is no such thing as having a legally proven manager. The fact that so many different players are contributing to Metsy’s quick start, both by hitting and hitting, shows how far they go to Schwalter’s “next man / first team” credo. In their first eight games, they stole seven bases (four of which resulted in a run), made 10 home runs, while less rotation than Jacob de Grom allowed a total of six earned runs of 36 innings (1.50) in their first eight starts. Believe it or not, Diamondbex’s 10-3 defeat on Friday, in which the Mets hit four Homers, stole two points, both of which led to a run, gaining six strong innings, starting with one run from Chris Bassitt to Schwalter’s most satisfying home run.


If there was one problem that made players see the red in front of everyone else, it is the teams that deliberately do not try to win, which the Reds and A fully accept this year, and the Oriols have been doing for five years. This week, Reds president Phil Castellini, the son of owner Bob Castellini, shot Cincinnati fans in a radio interview, in response to a question about whether fans should trust the Xinxi owners, he tried to justify the removal of this winter left. Field player Jesse Winkler, starting pitchers Sonny Gray և Wade Miley, third baseman Eugenio Suarez նող calming Amir Garrett, saying: “Be careful what you want. “I think we are doing the best we can with the resources we have.” Castellini later had to apologize for his words, but he had already made it clear that the Reds did not intend to spend most of their revenue on players.

A-owner John Fisher, who drove the frustrated Billy Bean from his first office with endless savings, ordered a similar sale this winter, reducing his active salary from $ 51 million to $ 37 million by selling his main employee Matt Olson, his third-in-command. Matt Chapman և their two best starting players, Chris Bassitt and Sean Manaya, for cheap prospects. So do not put any stock in the quick start of A.

And then there are the pathetic Oriols, who, led by analyst guru Mike Elias and his accomplice Sig Majdal, are off to a good start to their fourth 100-year losing streak in five years with the lowest overall baseball pay. If ever the team needed a new owner և front office who knew what they were doing, it’s Peter Angelos Oriols. It is strange, however, that in the negotiations of the Central Bank this winter, the players prematurely refused any discussion of a single solution for the bankruptcy. Calculations of minimum wages by selection / revenue sharing projects for non-compliant teams. Why? The players never said:


Of course, it’s nice to see Tom Siver և such a large crowd, even if it’s just his statue: in the parking lot. Tom’s widow, Nancy, was especially pleased to be able to travel from Callisto to Queens to unveil a statue of the franchisee. Of course, this should not be the case. The statue of Siver was supposed to have been erected 13 years ago for the fully erected City Field, so they could both be there to appreciate it together. … Everyone welcomes the Guardians’ 5-9, 170-pound boy Steven Kwan, who had one of the most phenomenal starts in the history of baseball. a record streak without a swing և skipping 116 pitches և becoming the only player. In his first four games since 1901, he reached the base 15 times. Kwan, who was selected in the fifth round from the state of Oregon in 2018, got a job after a hard spring training in the Guard field (15 vs. 32, earned seven runs), spent the weekend hitting 455 in eight walks. և 1,243 OPS: … Those were some of the busiest days of the week for Derek Rodriguez, the son of Dege Rodriguez in the Hall of Fame. Derek, now 29, was originally drafted by the twins in 2011 as an outsider, but three years later was transformed into an aid pitcher. In 2017, he became a free agent, signing a contract with the giants. He made his Premier League debut with the Giants in 2018, but in 2020 he dropped out of the Tigers and later the Rockies before signing with the Twins last January. Then he came the whole cycle with the Gemini, when they called him on April 13, only on Friday he was assigned an assignment after only one visit.

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