Freddie Freeman is crowned with the return of King Dodgers over the Reds

Los Angeles, California - April 14. Los Angeles Dodgers first-teamer Freddie Freeman (5) celebrates in the lead after scoring in a Tria Turner RBI single against the Cincinnati Reds on Thursday, April 14, 22 at 8 p.m. Dodger at the stadium.  In Los Angeles, California (Robert Gottier / Los Angeles Times)

Before the game, one of the loudest applauses belonged to Dodgers’ longest-serving player.

During the hottest opening hours of Thursday night, however, the sold-out Dodger Stadium chanted for the team’s newest star.

After signing Dodgers last month in his first regular-season home game, Freddie Freeman struck the loudest blow to the team, winning 9-3 against the Cincinnati Reds, scoring a double in the eighth to lead the team to six runs. – Victorious rally.

When Freeman entered the second base, a crowd of 52,995 stood up. Singing along the trumpet of Dayvi’s “Baila Conmigo”, the fans shouted “Fred- die! “Fred-die.” The first supporter, valued at $ 162 million, recognized them by touching his chest with his left hand.

“What a wonderful first night,” said Freeman, an Orange native who had a room full of family and friends. “It’s just unique when 50,000 people can create a moment you will never forget.”

Freeman captured the “Goahead” run in the next “at-bat” of the Trea Turner RBI single. Will Smith opened the scoring with a three-run home run later in the innings. The Dodgers then hit several of them to finally leave.

The rest of the team was delighted with Freeman’s reception.

“Everybody in the stadium tonight,” said manager Dave Roberts, “it was a hug for them. He was excited.” It was quite special. “

Cody Bellinger repeated.

While the Dodgers’s newest star shone on Thursday night, it was the one-day story surrounding the franchise’s long face that caused the most pre-game noise.

The Dodgers' first baseman, Freddie Freeman, receives the crowd.

The Dodgers’ first mainstay, Freddie Freeman, recognizes the crowd after doubling the rules in the eighth innings. (Robert Gottier / Los Angeles Times)

Barely 24 hours after Clayton Kershaw was sent off after seven perfect innings after Wednesday’s game, the decision was still made before Thursday’s first pitch.

As TVs inside the Dodgers Club showed MLB experts discussing the move, Kershaw met with reporters for the second day in a row, once again supporting Roberts’ decision to remove him from the perfect game six times.

“The only thing I feel bad about is that if I were a fan, I would like to see someone finish the game,” Kershaw said. “So, from the fans’ point of view, I feel bad for that. I wish I could do that. But yesterday was not that day. “

Roberts repeated his explanation during a pre-match press conference, then praised Kershaw’s situation.

“What he said yesterday really gave the Dodgers of 2022 the tone that he’s going to win, there’s going to be any other selfishness,” Roberts said. “When you talk about a man who did everything he could during the game to say that, it sounds like our club.”

It echoed the fans, who greeted Kersho with one of the loudest applause during the pre-game introduction.

“Individual things are not why I keep playing,” Kershaw said. “I want to win.”

This is exactly what the Dodgers did against the Reds, scoring their third in a row to improve to 4-2 this season.

In contrast to the pre-game fighter flight, which sounded wrong with the national anthem, the Dodgers started simultaneously, recording three runs in five consecutive singles in the opening innings.

Freeman also provoked the rally by sending a quick ball into the middle of the pitch. Terry Turner, Justin Turner, Max Mansin և Smith scored their own goals, making the score 3-0.

Walker Buhler seemed to be in control of the game from there. Despite colliding with the ground-loaded jam in the second to reach several runners in the third, Buhler avoided any damage within five innings.

Buhler made a mistake, however, far behind the sixth. After walking to Tyler Stevenson, Ajlik threw a high-speed ball, on which Aristidis Aquino reached the barrel, taking two runs to the center field.

It was Buhler’s last playground of the night. As he returned to the dugout, he slammed his glove against the bench in frustration.

“Obviously what our pitch was like, especially yesterday, you want to go and throw the ball well, so maybe try to do a little bit more,” Buhler said. “It simply came to our notice then. I think we will somehow re-establish ourselves. “

Buhler’s replacement, David Price, lost to Brandon Drury two outs after the innings, making it 3-3.

But then on the eighth, Freeman approached the plate and drove the middle belt cutter on the other side. When he stopped at the second base, he could not help but stare and smile as the ringleader of his new home happily chanted his name.

“The first game at Dodger Stadium as a pig,” he said. “I do not think it could have been much better.”

This story originally appeared in the Los Angeles Times.

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