Former Oklahoma defender Spencer Rutler calls Sooners’ season ‘poisonous’

For some, the deceptive Oklahoma 2021 football season became clearer on the afternoon of November 28. That’s the day Lincoln Riley left Sunner for Southern California.

Oklahoma, which ranked second in the Associated Press pre-season polls, never found its top outfit. Soon, in their honor, they reduced to 9-0, but only with a number of close calls. 40-35 Tulane, 23-16 Nebraska, 37-31 Kansas, 55-48 Texas, 35-. 23 After pushing back in the fourth quarter in Kansas.

Narrow victories were soon replaced by narrow (or not so narrow) defeats, 27-14 in Baylor, 37-33 in OSU.

During the season, some people wondered what was wrong. After Riley took it to Los Angeles, some say they know what’s wrong.

Deviated coaching staff.

And Chris Lowe’s recent story about Spencer Ratler, who moved from Oklahoma to South Carolina, gives credence to theories.

Oklahoma defender Spencer Rutler looks at the scoreboard before the game against Kansas.

Oklahoma defender Spencer Rutler looks at the scoreboard before the game against Kansas.

The quiet Austin Stogner, who moved to South Carolina with Ratler, especially acknowledged the uncertainty. Remember Bedlam’s week with all the talk about Riley in Louisiana?

“It was weird, all the talk at LSU, coach Riley never got it,” Stogner told Lowe. “It was a distraction for that last game.

“But there was nothing about USC until we were all in the meeting. He kept it closed. “It’s hard to believe that everything happened in 12 hours, as he said.”

Well, of course, it did not happen in 12 hours. We are not a group of fools.

But Stogner makes a good point. The idea is that players are immune to rumors and speculation. That is nonsense.

Some players may not be interested in what their coach is doing. I can believe it. But virtually every player is aware of the news spread on social media.

I do not know what the deviations look like. I do not know how it affects football practice or even football. I do not know for sure doing influence the team.

But as I wrote, a friend who was thinking about a big career move told me that such a decision took many minutes to wake up. Why not the same for a football coach?

Heck, the Sooners deserve to create an 11-2 season. All those close games. Trainer with lipstick on the collar. A base converter like football was rarely seen when incumbent Rutler withdrew his candidacy for the Heisman Trophy and freshman Caleb Williams joined.

The Yankees at the Bronx Zoo had little to say about the 2021 Sooners.

There is no reason for Ratler to be a happy camper. And it is clear that he was not.

Lowe reports that Ratler spoke cautiously, but called the environment “toxic.” “It will be a story later. I do not want to go into too much detail, but it was out of my control.

“I can only tell you that we were invincible while I was sitting. We won the (Big 12) championship last year, we were going to win one. I could go on and on.

“We had a great summer and then, when the season started, we played the first two competitive games, we didn’t play at the level. I just feel like we haven’t had enough time to get together during the season. “The triggers were tightened very quickly, և because of that we lost two games, և we did not win this championship.”

It’s a certain revisionist story. Yes, Oklahoma was undefeated (6-0) when Williams was given the starting lineup. But Oklahoma was invincible because Riley led Ratler out of Texas and freshman Suners out of the 28-7 deficit to beat Longhorns.

No one but Ratlerville residents believe Riley was in a hurry.

Rattler was noticeably whistled by fans in September, and then the coaching drama began, and it became quite a crazy season.

“In any case, it was time for both of us to leave, even if (Riley) stayed,” Stogner said. “And with all that, I do not know how Spencer could have done better. He was there every day trying to get better, to compete in practice. “It’s ridiculous how a 21-year-old man handles it so much better than some Twitter fans overcoming losses.”

This is not news. The masses of fans have never treated the losses well, և social networks allow them to show their immaturity.

But fans are not always wrong. Sometimes they have a problem և something definitely wasn’t in Norman last fall.

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This article originally appeared in Oklahoma. Spencer Ratler says the Oklahoma football season was “poisonous.”

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