Fashion: HBCUs win while ESPN throws the ball

The WNBA hosted 36 36 players on Monday night in the 2022 draft, led by No. 1 Ryan Howard in the Atlanta Dream. The league exits the NCAA Tournament, which ended eight days ago, և its 26th season will start on May 6.

One of the biggest victories of the night was to hear more about Phoenix Mercury star հավաքականի US national team gold medalist Britney Greene, who has been in prison in Russia since mid-February. WNBA commissioner Katie Engelbert began her press conference by referring to Greener’s situation, saying that the league is working to bring him home, but everyone “has to be patient”.

Greens was the talk of the town with Holly Rowe updates. The players are mostly indifferent to the situation because they do not want to draw unwanted attention to it օգտագործել Use the Greens as a bargaining chip in the war with Ukraine.

Here are the winners and losers from the actual draft. Options for all 36 projects can be found here.


Ryan Howard No. 1 night – Howard has long been the expected choice of the No. 1 overall draft – he led many fake episodes at the beginning of the year. But Baylor’s Nalissa Smith, who eventually finished second, was a favorite choice of many when the Washington Mystics held the December lottery.

Last week, The Dream bargained for No. 3 և 14 to bring Howard, who has twice been named SEC Player of the Year և only ին the ninth player to have been to the Associated Press three times. The selection of the first American team. Atlanta has had its share of unrest over the last two years, some of which have not been its fault, և you should feel good knowing that the team was sold to get you there.

“I do not even have the words to go first at this time,” Howard said. “I am still shocked. But it’s very moving, և I’m proud of what I’ve done, I’m proud of myself և thank you to everyone who has been with me on this journey և helped me get here. «

Howard is coming out of the SEC Unexpected Championship և for the third consecutive season with an average of at least 20 PPGs, 6 RPGs, 2 SPGs երկու two 3-point attempts per game. He will play near Cleveland, Tennessee.

Again,, oh, my, it fits – The conversation was conducted in person for the first time since 2019. էր It was refreshing to see the live moments, not to mention the proud families sitting with their professional basketball players. Shout for Grandma Brenda At Spring Studios in Tribeca, where Fashion Week is held.

Fashion always attracts attention in any draft, և the WNBA is consistently leading. The players are more authentic than ever են show the scope of the league. There are many different ways to be human. WNBA does not subscribe to template placement.

Who’s going to forget about the South Carolina և Indiana Conscript Destani Henderson in a perfect blue suit? Or Ole Miss star Shakira Austin, the 3rd Mystics team from Dream Trade, in a star jumpsuit.

Especially middle majors և HBCUs “It’s been a big night for middle-class Mayors, starting off the Gulf Coast and guarding Kirstan Bell.” Becky Hammon, a two-time winner of the country’s best midfielder, is set to play for Becky Hammon և Las Vegas Aces.

The award, given by Her Hoop Stats for only the third year in a row, seeks to showcase talent outside of the Power Five conferences, which are often expanding to include UConn-led Big East. And it was a big tournament for middle elementary schools as equality grew in the college ranks.

Joining Bell at night. Hawaii Amy Etwell (Sparks, No. 27), South Dakota Hannah Sjerven (Lynx, No. 28), Delaware Jasmine Dickey (Wings, No. 30), the North Florida Jazz Bond (Wings, No. 31). ) և Macee Williams of IUPUI (Mercury, No. 32). It shows once again that good scouts will find good talent, no matter what the name on the shirt.

However, it was HBCU that stood out the most from the Gulf Coast outside of Bell. The state of Jackson in the first round of the NCAA tournament was almost sad for LSU և legendary coach Kim Malki. Central Ameshya Williams-Holiday is now the first choice in the history of Indiana fever in the 25th place.

Williams-Holiday averaged 19.2 points և 11.4 rebounds per game, hitting 54% from the field. He is the sixth HBCU player to be drafted into the league in 19 years.


ESPN reduction W. Again – It is possible that this is the first time you have heard the historical side of the Williams-Holiday election, even if you watched the WNBA draft live. ESPN did not discuss the election when it did, as it did most of the second or third round elections. His name and “Pick is in” came down the third graph instead of being invited out by the hosts. It was another opportunity missed by the broadcaster to show the league in which he has a business stake in the broadcasting rights.

ESPN has always missed the next rounds of the draft,, instead, when they have already selected, the news is provided with a pointer, and later the presenters list the names of a group of five or six people. The only ones for whom they stopped were the design options of the place that came down from the first round.

Is it fair to cut two-thirds of the players in a small episode? This is a great opportunity for them to hear that they have been drafted, which is a huge feat in itself. It would be so special to see the reactions of these mid-sized players on TikTok or Instagram Live later after hearing their names on TV. The draft of the Professional League is done in mini-moments, not summarizing the lists or selecting the first round.

Florida Gulf Coast's Kierstan Bell reacts after the Las Vegas Ace was selected as the 11th overall pick in the WNBA Basketball Draft on Monday, April 11, 2022 in New York.  (AP Photo / Adam Hunger)

The Florida Gulf Coast Kierstan Bell reacts after the Las Vegas Ace was selected as the 11th overall pick in the WNBA Basketball Draft on Monday, April 11, 2022 in New York. (AP Photo / Adam Hunger)

Many of these players will not make the roster – This is the gloomy reality of the year. There are 12 teams with 12 places each, which make up the league “144”. But this is not a real number, as many teams will have 11 players due to the salary threshold. Half of the conscripts were not registered last season, fewer than that number will appear in the second year.

Teams are more likely to sign well-known veteran talent than newcomer or newcomer salaries can be tempting to keep them on a more expensive star. But many of these players are in a difficult situation when their teams already have a solid roster.

“My main goal is to go up there and sign,” said Emily Engstler, Fever’s fourth general election in Louisville, when asked about her goals. “We could have been drafted, but we have not yet received a contract. This is my first step. I want to live in this moment. I think it can be done for us, otherwise it becomes a little too much. “

About 0.8% of college women reach the WNBA, a statistic that is still low in any other professional league because the charts are staggering. ESPN showed those who need to start broadcasting, making it harder for those few who “made it” to swallow it, at least for a few weeks.

Extended list conversation – Expansion is the talk of every accessibility with Engelbert, Monday was no exception. The COVID-19 epidemic has forced a halt to the expansion, which we hope will soon ease, և Engelbert was tempted by more information coming this summer.

“I wish I was in a different position to talk about it, but we will achieve that, it will definitely be in our future,” Engelbert said.

Expansion of the roster assumes team expansion after a season when some teams used six available players for games; Rebecca Lobo, citing discussions with coaches և general managers, ignited the idea of ​​two practical player seats During the press conference of the draft. Engelbert does not see this in the “very near future”, փոփոխ a change in the collective agreement will be required, as those players will have to be paid.

“If I get in my way, we will disrupt the media rights payment model, we will be able to allow it, we will absolutely address it,” he said. “I think in a few years everything will be on the table, in fact I expect that.”

Look forward to more challenging signings և shorter seasons next season, especially since September is the 36-game extended FIBA ​​World Cup in a short window.

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