F1 news LIVE. Red Bull ‘lives in difficult times’ as Lewis Hamilton questions Mercedes famine

Hamilton admitted that he is struggling mentally

Follow all the latest news: in the F1 world as teams try to upgrade their cars once again before heading to Imola for the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix.

Reigning world champion Max Verstappen was bitterly disappointed after he had to end his career at the Australian Grand Prix when his car had other problems with its refueling system. This is the second time that the Dutchman has not been able to cross the border in three weeks, already 46 points behind Charles Leclerc. Red Bull adviser Helmut Marco has admitted that there are actually “two or three” different car issues that still need to be addressed if they do not want to give more land to Ferrari.

Their situation is not as bleak as in Mercedes, and they seem to be closer to finding a solution to their lack of speed. George Russell managed to finish last on the Melbourne podium, but Lewis Hamilton plans to negotiate with engineers “to make sure there is a real hunger” before his hopes of winning the eighth world title this season are dashed. “I will chase the wind tunnel people, the aerodynamic guys, I will just look at each area,” he said.

Follow all the latest F1 news հետո after the exciting start of the 2022 season.


Max Verstappen criticizes Red Bull’s “unacceptable” reliability after the Australian Grand Prix

Disappointed Max Verstapen was crying Red bullreliability issues after retiring three to two times F1: race, calling the situation “unacceptable”.

The world champion was second on Sunday morning Australian Grand Prix In Albert Park, before his car suddenly stopped at the beginning of a new era. He said on team radio that he could “smell a strange liquid” before shutting down the engine, “seeing how the marshal used a fire extinguisher on the back of his RB18 smoker.”

Team director: Christian Horner He said the team would have to wait until the next weakness to decipher the cause of the failure, but thought the problem was more with the fuel than the engine.

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Charles Leclerc dominates Australian Grand Prix, extends F1 lead

world champion Max Verstapen For the second time in three races, he failed to reach the checkered flag after his Red Bull expired, with 19 laps left.

Leclerc, a two-time winner this season, is now 34 points ahead of second-placed Russell. Hamilton is fifth with 43 points.

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Lewis Hamilton “uncomfortable” because FIA ​​members can not wear masks during a briefing

Lewis Hamilton He said he felt uncomfortable after members of the Formula 1 ruling body did not wear a face mask during a driver briefing on Sunday. Australian Grand Prix.

New F1 race leader Nils Whitic chaired a two-hour meeting in Melbourne’s Albert Park on Friday night, where he announced a jewelry ban and insisted on fireproof underwear.

According to local legislation, wearing a face mask indoors is not mandatory.

Hamilton, after the speech he finished fifth for the third round “No one wore a mask at the drivers’ briefing. There were some drivers, but most SON which was inconvenient for me.

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When are the F1 sprints in 2022?

Formula 1:The introduction of the sprint race was a new innovation that was brought at the beginning of the 2021 season.

Several races were allowed to qualify not on Saturday but on Friday.

It: sprint race then he will replace the qualifier on Saturday, before the race takes place, as usual, on Sunday.

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Pierre Gusly says Netflix Drive to Survive scenes are ‘fictional’

Pierre Gusly has criticized Netflix’s documentary “Drive to Survive” for its fun scenes.

In the latest issue, the driver of AlphaTauri did not shoot much, focusing on teammate Yuki Junoda, but previously had episodes about him.

While he admits that he did not watch it all, he said that the drivers just want to portray themselves as they really are.

“I have not seen the whole TV series, so I have not seen anything like it [more than] “Almost the first two episodes,” Gaslin told GPFans. “You can clearly see that some of the scenes are kind of made up for the show.

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Red Bull has “two or three” problems, says Marco

Red Bull adviser Helmut Marco has admitted that Red Bull has “two or three” problems to solve before heading to Imola for F1 for the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix.

Max Verstappen had to leave for the second time in three races due to a suspicious problem with his fuel system in Melbourne, already leaving the world champion with a huge 46 points from the leader Charles Leclerc.

“There are two or maybe three different things that play out,” Marco told Servus TV. “The first is the reliability issues that we almost did not have last year, but falling behind Ferrari was also alarming.

“We were negatively surprised by Ferrari’s speed. They had almost no grain, և we already had it after a few turns. “Ferrari can more easily find a good balance with the car.”

“We are obviously heavier than Ferrari. I think we have a disability weighing about 10 kilograms. The time of the converted period, which is equal to about three tenths of a period. But losing weight is expensive. This is a financial problem in the first place, the second is in terms of reliability, so it is difficult to divide because of the budget ceiling. We are facing difficult times. “

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Leclerc does not think about the F1 World Cup, despite the “incredible” victory

Charles Leclerc says he is not thinking about winning the F1 World Cup right after his second victory in the first three races of the 2022 season at the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne.

The Ferrari driver topped the revamped Albert Park from start to finish as he climbed to the top of the table with 34 points behind George Russell of Mercedes, who was third after Red Bull with Sergio Perez.

In the Bahrain և Saudi Arabia Grand Prix, Leclerc had previously fought for the lead with a touching rival, Max Werstappen, but here he kept the Dutchman at a fast pace with turning points before Werstappen had to leave the race. with mechanical failure.

After his victory, Leclerc hurried to praise his car և team, but avoided talking about the ongoing title challenge throughout the campaign.

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Hamilton is demanding improvements from Mercedes to save his season

Lewis Hamilton has called on Mercedes to act now to save his declining F1 dreams.

The seven-time world champion leaves Australia 43 points behind Charles Leclerc after the unilateral victory of a Ferrari driver at Albert Park in Melbourne on Sunday.

Hamilton started in fifth place, finishing fourth, one place behind George Russell, who took his first podium in Mercedes.

Hamilton will leave for Kuala Lumpur on Monday for a sponsorship event before the next round on April 24 in Imola.

“I will be on Zoom calls with our bosses, I will really try to bring them together,” Hamilton said.

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The unchanging position of Leclerc provides a champion platform in the conditions of F1 chaos

The 2022 Formula 1 season was supposed to bring a new era of unpredictability. In many ways it has writes Dan Austin.

The biggest regulatory change that sport has undergone in a generation has changed everything forever, drastically changing the way cars race each other, breaking the established rules of the race, turning old masters into races, formerly just extra characters to show how they look at each other. compete with. .

The race for the first three rounds of the season was relentless, the drivers could no longer count on progress across the field. After the transition, the aerodynamics of the surface effect mean that the person who has fallen can almost instantly regain his position.

Formula 1 will be delighted with the entertainment value of its new-age structural chaos to fans and sponsors as it looks forward to enjoying its growing popularity among the world’s youth.

How strange, then, that this courageous new world is so overwhelmingly defined by the far less anarchic firmness of Charles Leclerc’s pristine rule.

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Wolf questions new F1 race leader as Hamilton opposes jewelry ban

Toto Wolf questioned the jewelry ban of the new head of the Formula 1 race Nils Whitich, asking:

Lewis Hamilton did not accept the pressure from the FIA ​​when he competed in the Australian Grand Prix with two ear “nose stud piercings”, then “said” that he was not going to remove them in future outings.

Vitic was hired by the FIA ​​after the dismissal of Michael Massey for violating the rules of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix last season. an event that deprived Hamilton of a record eighth championship.

“The way he ran the first few races was respectful, strong, he did not make a single mistake,” said Wolf Witchich, Mercedes team manager.

“But is that it?” [jewellery ban] a fight he must have at this stage. However, if it turned out to be the race director’s biggest unfortunate mistake, I would take it a thousand times over. ”

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