DeMarcus Cousins ​​criticizes Kings for his NBA perception. George Carl answers

Boogie criticizes kings for their perception. George Carl applauded on NBC Sports Bayarea

How DeMarcus Cousins ​​treats the Organization of Kings in Sacramento is a very different matter.

Whether the current Denver Nuggets Reserve Center values ​​the city or its citizens, he does not have very kind words to say about kings. This was evident in recent comments made by Cousins ​​on Andscape’s Mark J. Spears.

When asked if there was anything he would do to change his perception of the NBA, Cousins ​​told Spears he would like to skip pre-draft training with the Kings in 2010.

“What did Sack do for me?” Cousins ​​told Spears when asked why. “Also, tell me my name [draft day]. I have done more for them than they have done for me. It’s just being honest. Just being 100 [percent] honest In seven years I had two owners, three grandmasters, seven coaches. I was there for seven years. I had three grandmasters, two owners and seven coaches. There is no need to say much more. “

George Carl, who was hired by the Kings in the 2014-15 NBA season and coached Cousins ​​throughout the 2015-16 season, responded to those comments.

Kings traded Cousins ​​to the New Orleans Pelicans during the 2017 All-Star Game, where he spent a season and a half. He never received the paycheck he thought was coming to him in Sacramento, and then he tore his Achilles as he was about to become an unlimited free agent.

Cousins ​​stunned the NBA world when he signed a contract with the Warriors in the summer of 2018. He did not play immediately, but when he finally returned, he played 30 games and helped Golden State reach the NBA Finals, where they lost to the Toronto Raptors. six games.

Again a free agent, Cousins ​​signed with the Los Angeles Lakers, but tore up his ACL in August 2019 and was sacked in February 2020. Since then he has spent time with the Houston Rockets, the LA Clippers, the Milwaukee Bucks and now the Nuggets. where he reunites with former Kings coach Michael Malone.

Malone was the NBA coach who seems to have reached Cousins, both of whom were successful together in Sacramento before the Kings fired Malone after 24 games in the 2014-15 season.

“I thought they were crazy, that’s a joke,” Cousins ​​told Spears about Melon’s release by the kings. “You do not even need to talk about it, because what I knew about Mike, I knew he would rise. He went to the next place – he was nothing but lucky. When he was with us. [in Sacramento], he was successful. It does not make sense yet, it never will. Everything else that happened to Saki should never have happened. That boy should never have been fired. “The rest of what happened in Sak would never have happened if he had been released.”

It is not possible to say how things would have turned out if the kings had never ou removed Malone, but Cousins ​​thinks he would still be in Sacramento if things turned out differently.

“Absolutely,” Cousins ​​told Spears. “We would have won. We would have won. I would probably end my career there with Mike. No matter how simple. I do not think much about it anymore! many other things, it is difficult to even harness that situation. Sitting and focusing on it, I probably would not be where I am now.

“I had to spend a lot of time focusing on correcting my mistakes, correcting my body, getting back in shape, and all the rest of my recovery. That was a lot of other things. “It’s hard to even focus on Sacramento. Why did they suck before I got there? They sucked when I was there, they sucked when I got there.”

Still, Cousins ​​is proud of what he has accomplished on the Sacramento court.

“I took the time to work,” Cousins ​​told Spears. “I have a lot of records there. I honestly think I’m the best player to ever come from Sacramento.

CARL resumes cousin quarrel by writing snake emoji on Twitter

Despite all the comments about the kings, Cousins ​​loves the city of Sacramento, as seen in his video where he talks about leaving the party when he was exchanged with the Pelicans.

For now, Cousins ​​is trying to help the Nuggets upset the Warriors in the first round of their NBA playoffs. Denver follows the top seven in a series of no-brainer games, with Game 2 scheduled for Monday night at Chase Center. He scored seven points in 10 minutes on Saturday before being thrown out, he will try to come back as the Nuggets try to equalize.

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