Colin Kaipernik sits down for an interview and gives a live speech

Free agent Colin Keipernick continues to try to return to the NFL. To that end, he recently sat down for a very rare interview with Brandon Marshall, Chad Johnson, and Packman Jones. I’m an athlete podcast.

The full episode will debut on Monday evening at 12:00 ET I’m an athlete YouTube channel.

In the interview, Kaepernick addresses a number of long-standing issues that seem to prevent him from getting a chance on the NFL. Does he want to play football for a start?

“Absolutely,” said Keipernick. “It simply came to our notice then. Do you think that what you have seen here is five years of behind-the-scenes training to make sure I am ready to stay at the highest level? You do not do this unless you have a passion, [if] “You do not believe you will find a way in that field.”

It’s more than just finding a way out for Keipernick. He still has the dreams he had when he entered the championship!

“It’s a passion,” Keipernick said. “You have had such dreams since childhood. I mean, I’m going to be an NFL player and I’m going to win the Super Bowl. And for me I have unfinished business on that front. I was in the Super Bowl. We were one game away. I have to finish it. ”

Brandon Marshall asked Keipernick if he was willing to take a low-paying job to come back.

“I know I have to find my way inside,” Keipernick said. “So yes, if I have to go in as a backup, fine. But that’s not where I stay. And when I prove that I am in the starting lineup, I want to set foot on the field as such. I just need that opportunity to go through the door. . . . Above all, we are just looking for an opportunity to go through the door. I will take care of the rest from there. “

It is obvious that Keipernik was left out of football for reasons unrelated to his skills. He’s good enough to be on the list. He is good enough to at least get a fair chance to start. The NFL avoided him for reasons unrelated to football. it’s out of the fair debate right now.

“No team has brought me to train,” said Keipernick. “No team has given me a chance. I had one meeting with Seattle in 2017. And after that, Pete Carroll said: “Hey, he’s a starter, we have a starter.” And everything moved from there. But they do not have starters now. ”

But now they are not interested, not because of anything related to football. They do not care, because the teams have always chosen 30% of the fan base who hate Keipernik to kneel during the national anthem in the 2016 season to draw attention to the police’s misbehavior towards minorities.

Brandon Marshall, embodying the role of the grandmaster, asked this question to Keipernik. “What about our fans?” What do we say to our fans? ”

“You have an end to racism in your backyard,” Keipernick said. “There is a Black Lives Matter on your helmet. Everything I have said should correspond to everything you say in public. It’s a $ 16 billion business. When I first knelt down, my T-shirt became number one. When I made the deal with Nike, their value increased by $ 6 billion. Six billion. With B. . So if you’re talking about business, it shows [it’s] profitable. If you’re talking about the game side, come in [and] let me compete. You can evaluate me from there. The NFL must be a merit. Come on in, let me compete. If I’m not good enough, get away from me. But let me go in and show you. ”

Sounds genius. But nothing that anyone has said for more than five years has prompted any NFL owner to take the risk of a revolt of fans who have decided not to accept Kaepernick in their favorite team (or team) or because that they can not understand why. He exercised his right to protest during the national anthem or because they refused to accept that it was in this way that someone would raise concerns about the American experience for black-brown Americans.

After all, it’s a business calculation for the NFL. Five years ago, the league decided that doing business with Kaepernick outweighed the benefits. They paid him a considerable sum of money to settle the agreement lawsuit, which allegedly stemmed from a collective effort to keep him out of the league. It’s hard to imagine any team now changing course so dramatically, even if he’s a better defender than most of the guys currently on the NFL. (And if you do not think so, take a look at the current in-depth charts).

That’s right. No. But for half a decade, the NFL has relied on the fact that those who disagree with the NFL refusing to hire Kaepernick will do far less damage to the end result than those who hit, spoil, or partially demolish it. home: if Kapernik returns to the league. That’s why he’s not on the team. They think they will make more money by keeping him out than they will make by letting him in again.

There is no reason to think that the mindset has changed since 2017. Unless that happens, he will not get the opportunity he deserved for more than 1,800 days each day.

Colin Keipernik sits down for an interview և goes straight to the pitch for an opportunity that originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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