Clayton Kershaw is more important to baseball than a perfect game

Clayton Kershaw looked funny in the Los Angeles Dodgers, slapping his back and clasping his hands. The scoreboard showed that it was the eighth ninth, the zeros remained in every section except for the mistakes of Minnesota Twins, but Alex Vesia was taking the hill. The bid for MLB’s first perfect game since 2012 has been canceled.

At the time when many heard that the living legend was playing a perfect game on Wednesday afternoon, Kershaw did not throw anything at all. If you messed with the TV or on your work monitor, it was a big disappointment.

Deflation, predictably, turned into online misguided anger. Some fans, broadcasters and some former players have criticized Dodgers manager Dave Roberts, who has now appeared in this scenario several times, removing the famous (or infamous) Rich Hill from a perfect game after seven innings, and the newcomer Ross Stripping – no. – hit application. They turned their anger even more on the easiest target of the sport right now, baseball as a whole. MLB has an image problem, ցանկացած almost any dramatic moment can be armed in an instant. This one was easier than most.

The logic is given when the crow flies.

  • Perfect games are extremely rare achievements that can surpass your place.

  • Reducing the use of starting jars “analysts ruin the sport”.

  • Kershaw, one of the biggest names in MLB, came out of the perfect game early.

  • That’s why baseball is dying.

The reality of this situation has nothing to do with any of them. If there was one way to play baseball on a regular basis, it was to rejuvenate. Clayton Kershaw, 34, threw seven perfect innings just months away from worrying about his future.

Dodgers jar Clayton Kershaw came out on Wednesday after seven innings, although he showed perfect play.  (AP Photo / Craig Lassig)

Dodgers jar Clayton Kershaw came out on Wednesday after seven innings, although he showed perfect play. (AP Photo / Craig Lassig)

Why was Dodgers’ decision obvious?

It’s easy to sit down and wish we had a perfect game. Or even a deeper run during a perfect game. It is rightly appalling that circumstances conspired to limit the potential historical representation.

The circumstances, however, are not well understood. They are definitely specific.

After the Dodgers closed the win, Roberts and Kershaw spoke of the decision as quite obvious. Kershaw, who left after 80 pitches, said he had not thrown more than 75 pitches on any pitch this year, even during a SIM game. Going further was like risking the Dodgers’ long-term goals.

“Early in my career I would build up to 100 pitches,” Kershaw told reporters. “Blame it on the lockout, blame it on me not playing baseball until January. My slide was awful in the last two innings, it had no bites. It was time. “

Not to forget, just last September, the fully healthy Max Scherzer reached the eighth place in perfection under Roberts.

Coming out of the short spring training season and the off-season affected by injuries, Kershaw was simply not ready for that. No one expected the first eight or nine innings just before the first pitch, it did not become a much more sensible request even when he gave strength from the stellar walk.

Kershaw’s seven-innings start with the second longest season of the MLB season so far, with the longest being tied in a pitcher in his first appearance. Sean Manaya, who did not recover from injury կար was not even 34 years old, did not return to the field to chase any striker for the San Diego Padres after seven innings և 88.

This is not a problem of baseball in the 2020s either. In 1996, New York Yankees manager Joe Torren ousted David Cone without a strike from seven innings և 85 during his first start after an aneurysm removal surgery. And in 1990, after his first start after a lockout in a congested spring training session, Angels’ Mark Langston came out without a shot after seven shots.

You might complain that the holy grail of a perfect match could have changed the tie, but it does not seem particularly impressive to a team whose efforts in the regular season have never been a problem.

By any measure, this was a terribly encouraging victory for one of the Dodgers և’s most recognizable characters. Pre-arm problems closed Kershaw in July 2021, then again in September, forcing him to miss the Dodgers’ off-season for the first time in his career.

It is reported that during the off-season he was thinking of ending Dodgers’ tenure and joining the Texas Rangers. There was some question as to whether he would require Tommy John’s surgery and lose the precious years of his career. Instead, he returned to the mound with a developing approach that served him well.

Kershaw focuses on parts of his arsenal that are less dependent on speed. On Wednesday, he leaned on his legendary slide, throwing it more than halfway. The twins whispered 17 times on 27 swings.

Do not confuse one game with MLB entertainment issues

Recognizing the reason for Kershaw’s exit does not mean denying the ways in which MLB bleeds the value of entertainment. The starting jars, which once formed the protagonists of each game, whose names were marked, have weakened their roles as the teams discover and operate the advantages of throwing new weapons at the attackers.

Unchecked, the trend threatens to slowly overthrow the idea of ​​an ace over the next generation or two. This is starting to be addressed through list restrictions, but more action may be needed to ensure that 2,075 baseball fans have avatars like Kershaw, Scherzer, Justin Verlander, and Zach Greinke take the hill every five days.

To stumble upon yourself to say baseball is doomed as Kershaw left Wednesday’s game is to deliberately ignore the struggle for a larger evolution of the sport և the required system solutions. It also fails to take into account its much larger role in the narrative arc of the 2022 season.

Still without a full-length season in the ring, the Dodgers have one of the scariest devices on the list. Earlier this spring, Roberts even secured a world record victory. His one final warning. If the rotation remains healthy.

The MLB undoubtedly has a more difficult load management history to tell than the NBA. nobody pulls back from a potential 50-point blast, they just don’t play, but the acting forces are like that. Teams are in the business of winning titles. Leagues are in the business of adding more playoff teams to make more money on television. At some point (yes, the Lakers still managed to get down somehow), energy and health are more important for the playoffs than a night’s game on the road at night.

If you really want to secure a great tent moment without pushing for championship bets, you probably have to create one. MLB had some success with Field of Dreams. The NBA has held many inter-season tournaments that can achieve such drama.

While the edges of baseball are not yet wide enough to expose the futility of regular-season games, they are safe enough that Roberts had no incentive to cross Khershaw for our collective fun. We do not know if the extra innings or two will interfere with his season or even his next start, but it is clear that he և Roberts did not see the cause of the accident.

Few plots have created more drama in the last decade than Kershaw’s tortured dance with October. And in almost every situation, keeping Kershaw’s 34-year-old wing in the playoffs meets the whims of the average fan. On a cold, lockout day in Minnesota on Wednesday, the Dodgers met a series of events that did not happen. Whether you want to admit it or not, it’s just baseball.

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