Cavs center Jarrett Allen shows commitment to the team, playing through the pain

Cleveland Cavaliers & # 39;  Jarrett Allen (31) defends the Atlanta Hawks Trey Young (11) during the first half of the NBA basketball game on Friday, April 15, 2022, in Cleveland.  (AP Photo / Nick Cammett)

The Cleveland Cavaliers Jarrett Allen, 31, defends the Atlanta Hawks Trey Young (11) in the first half of the NBA basketball game on Friday, April 15, 2022, in Cleveland. (AP Photo / Nick Cammett)

CLEVELAND – Jarrett Allen played with pain for more than 35 minutes, but no one would know.

When he entered the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse interview room, his mood matched that of his bright yellow T-shirt and shoes. His disappointment with the end of the Cavaliers’ season was pushed aside at this point.

He gave a game answer to the question how he was injured. He did not know the meaning of mourning, calling it the “SAT word.” He seemed genuinely happy to talk to the media again; he said goodbye when he left.

The All-Star Game returned on Friday night when he missed the previous 19 games with a broken left thumb, saying he had not fully recovered. For the first time since March 6, Allen was unable to save his team Cavs lost 107-101 to the Atlanta Hawks in the race for eighth place at the Archelles Conference.

But Allen did everything he could, finishing with 11 points, three rebounds, two assists and a close shot. He scored 4 to 4 field goals and 3 to 4 penalty kicks.

His dedication to his teammates was a perfect example of the essence of the Cavs in 2021-2022, said coach JB. Bicker staff.

“It’s this team. “Jarrett, as one of our leaders, understood the moment, he was ready to sacrifice his body for the great good of the team,” Bickersstaff said. “It was not easy, especially how he had to play the game, in the trenches, breaking, fighting, trying to catch the ball during the march, all these things are very difficult for him now.

“But he was not interested. “She wanted to go out and help her boys. I thought she did a great job.”

Cleveland Cavaliers & # 39;  Jarrett Allen responds to a chin injury in the second half of the NBA basketball game against the Atlanta Hawks on Friday, April 15, 2022 in Cleveland.  (AP Photo / Nick Cammett)

Cleveland Cavaliers Jarrett Allen responds on Friday, April 15, 2022, in Cleveland, in the second half of the NBA basketball game, which took place on April 15, 2022, to Cleveland Cavaliers player Jarrett Allen. (AP Photo / Nick Cammett)

Allen said he would not undergo surgery. He is committed to the decision he made after suffering an injury in the game against the Toronto Raptors, when he went to brake with his right hand and his left hand touched the edge and bent his finger.

“Yes, I underwent surgery. “I am not going to have surgery,” he said. “I sat down after the doctor’s appointment. I called my dad, I called my close circle, I talked to them, do I want surgery, I just have ideas from people I know who care about me, I care about them. And we came to the decision that it is better not to have surgery. “

Allen left the game with a bruised thigh and even managed to laugh, remembering that moment.

“Yes, the thigh is like a hand. Easy to mix. “No, I’m messing with you,” he said, giggling. “I came out with a thigh contusion, and then it looks like a curse, my hand hurts a bit. I can not bend my finger. So I went for an X-ray and did a boom, it is cracked. “

The Cavs went 7-12 without Allen, including Tuesday’s 7-8 loss to Brooklyn, which worried him to see the Cavs drop to the top of the Archelles Conference standings.

“It was stressful. “Ah, I’m not a stressed person, that’s a lie,” he said with a laugh. “I do not know a good word for it. It was as if it was biting me. I really wanted to be there. I really wanted to play next to my teammates. But that’s the finger, I did not feel I would add anything positive to being there. I was just not mentally ready to play or compete there, knowing that I still had a broken finger.

“It was a cruel time for me. But I was out every day because of it. If anything was going to stop me, it would be my finger. It will not be an air conditioner, a scarf or anything else. ”

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As the Cavs grappled with the script against Hawks or died, Allen decided he had to do what he could to help.

“He could play for me,” Allen said. “Not for me mentally, which was a big thing, but for the team. I felt I had to be there for them, no matter if I was 70%, 80%. I just had to show my face, make some effort to be able to do that moral stimulus.

“And I do not know what percentage I was. I would say I was over 70 years old. I can not put it on point, but I felt decent there. “

There were some rough moments, especially when he was afraid to touch his finger too much. He only fought with coaches in a very controlled environment.

“It was more about staying in defense, just being in the crowd, I was still a little nervous about it,” Allen said. “I was beaten several times, just playing through the pain. I was just trying to be comfortable with it again. ”

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But Allen made his presence felt. His close shot on Hawks ‘Danilo Galinari, 7:37 in the first quarter, drove the selling crowd crazy as Allen first defended Trey Young, the Hawks’ all-star double guard.

“It was a big boost for us,” said newcomer Cavs center / striker Evan Moblin about the return of Allen. “If he was not 100%, he went out there and did his best. He was kind of playing with one hand, but he definitely made a difference for us in terms of defense and attack. I’m definitely proud of him. “

Cleveland Cavaliers & # 39;  Jarrett Allen stabbed the team in the first half of the NBA basketball game against the Atlanta Hawks on Friday, April 15, 2022 in Cleveland.  (AP Photo / Nick Cammett)

Cleveland Cavaliers Jarrett Allen stabs during the first half of the NBA basketball team against the Atlanta Hawks on Friday, April 15, 2022 in Cleveland. (AP Photo / Nick Cammett)

Striker Laurie Markkanen knew that Allen was still in pain and appreciated Allen’s determination to play.

“I’m not surprised at the moment,” Markkanen said. “He was like himself. He hits the ball. We will need it in the future, obviously. I’m glad he came back, I’m sure it still hurts. But he showed how much he wants to be there, so I’m proud of him.

“We have seen how much he works … we have seen how much it means to him. It was just good that he was out at both ends of the floor. I do not know how he feels after that game, but, fortunately, now he has time to perform 100%. “

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This article originally appeared in the Akron Beacon Journal. Cleveland Cavaliers All-Star Jarrett Allen plays through the pain

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