Can Janice and Cairo reach the playoffs?

The NBA playoffs start on Tuesday and the brackets on Saturday. We have the NBA Finals.

Before the start of the post-season, it is worth looking at the chances of winning the NBA’s BetMGM և determining which teams actually have chances that are overestimated և that can be good bets as the post-season begins.

Can anyone oust Janis Antetokunmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks as NBA champions?  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images)

Teams without a chance

There are not many stories of St. Peter or even North Carolina in the NBA playoffs. Usually high-class teams move forward. To win the National Basketball Association (NBA) Championship, there was one 4th racket (1969 Boston Celtics) and one No. 6 (Houston Rockets 1995).

Maybe one of the teams on the BetMGM odds list has a long-term perspective, so if you want to bet on them, go for it. It just doesn’t seem wise on the basis of history. Let’s divide these teams: Nuggets (+2500), Raptors (+6600), Timberwolves (+8000), Bulls (+10000), Cavaliers (+12500), Hawks (+15000), Pelicans (+25000), Hornets (+ 40000) և Spurs (+50000).

We will also put the Dallas Mavericks (+2500) on the “do not bet” list, which smells good because they have been playing really well for a few months. But Luka Doncic’s injury just brings too much uncertainty. Turn them off if we do not receive good news about Doncic’s injury this week.

If the long-range shot is going to run …

It’s fun to take a chance on a team that has some long odds, so let’s talk about two candidates.

Donchich injury could open the door for the Utah Jazz (+2800). According to advanced statistics, jazz has had the most effective attack in the NBA this season. If they overcome the Mavs because Doncic is out or ineffective, they may be able to run. The other team that can get out of nowhere could be the Los Angeles Clippers (+3500), who lost 4-1 after returning from injury in a Paul George game. The West does not have many obvious contenders to overthrow the Phoenix Suns, so it is possible for someone to get some value off the radar.


The Phoenix Suns is +260 for two reasons. They were the best team, they play in the Western Conference. Betting on a heavy favorite like Sans is not a big deal, but it’s hard to figure out who will beat them in the West. It’s not crazy to take men, but it does not seem to have much value.

Other Western teams

If you want to fade the Suns, the Golden State Warriors (+1000) or the Memphis Grizzlies (+1200) are your best options. We’re not sure if Steph Carey will be back from a foot injury in Game One of the first round, but if the Warriors beat the Denver Nuggets in the first round, you would expect Carrie to be healthy and return to normal. In the 2nd stage. Then you would like to have 1 in 10 tickets. The Grizzlies may have a year left, but they just keep winning (especially against the spread). They really beat Sans 2-1, including an impressive, tough 122-114 victory over Phoenix on April 1. Do not rule out Memphis.

The Brooklyn Nets are not in parentheses yet. They play the Cleveland Cavaliers in a play-off on Tuesday. However, they are the third favorite with +700. Remember, only one team lower than No. 4 has ever won the NBA, and no team more than No. 6 has done so. But we all know that the Nets, where Kyrie Irving is allowed to play at home and Kevin Durant composes, have a championship cap. I would not bet they would win it all, but I would understand. They are a unique case.

Overestimated East teams

The Boston Celtics (+1000) were great at the end of the season. Philadelphia 76 (+1200) has the two best players in the league: Joel Embid և and James Harden. However, it seems that their probability should be longer. The Celtics will probably get the Nets in the first round, which is a nightmare for Class # 2. The Celtics playoffs could be the Nets, the Bucks, the Heath, the Suns. Wow. The 76ers are good, but they did not really show up with Harden և Embid. After a good start to Harden, the 76ers have beaten Harden 9-7 in the regular season in their last 16 games. Maybe the 76ers will turn it on ունեն it will look unsurpassed, but I would like to see it first.

These two teams have value

There have been times when the Milwaukee Bucks (+700) have been bored with the regular season, which makes sense after they won the league last season. But they played well in the final, avoiding the Nets in the first round and acquiring the Chicago Bulls. The “Bucks” are 15-1 in their last 16 games against the “Bulls”, did not lose to Chicago with Janis Antetokunmpo, as Mike Budenholzer was accepted as a coach in 2018. see the next title of Antetokunmpo. Capturing them with a coefficient of +700 is not so bad.

The Miami Heat (+1000) is probably the best value bet. They are the number 1 seeds. They have two elite players (Jimmy Butler և Bam Adebayo), great coach Eric Spoelstra, they play great defense, they have the best percentage of 3-point shots in the NBA. They reached the NBA Finals just two years ago in a bubble. However, how often do you hear someone discuss Heat about Dean Booker և Arner, Antetokunmpo և Bax trying to repeat the whole Nets frenzy, the 76s who find out all the talk about Harden և Embid և etc: They are a good bet on the radar who will probably have an easy opponent in the first round (assuming the Nets do not get the number 8); teams go that far.

No matter who you bet on, this NBA playoffs should be fun. Enjoy the walk.

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