Army Ranger tough, Harvard smart, Penn State proud. Can Eric Wilson reach the NFL?

He is the most eclectic 300 300 line player in the NFL Draft.

Eric Wilson should be the only one who plays three instruments, sings his way through Europe, has a Harvard diploma.

The former Penn State Nittany Lion is also pretty good at blocking defenders.

All of this should make him one of the best professional football deals at the end of this month as a final draft pick or signing a free agent.

“What brings him to the offensive line is his intelligence, his ability to quickly understand the plays, what lies ahead,” said his mother, Kate, a lawyer, pianist, organist and amateur football analyst. “Academics and the arts helped him understand that he had to have faith and confidence in himself, they (developed) his communication skills.

“It simply came to our notice then. I think that makes him a unicorn. “

Eric Wilson, a former Minnesota Ivy League player who became Penn State’s most consistent attacker last season, seems to be on the rise for his NFL career. He is a successful FBS player who has missed just one football practice ever! I never missed a game.

Note that the nearly torn appendix prevented him from attending perfect football as a Harvard sophomore. “I was going to go out there, it was my last spring training. But (the medical staff) said. “Yes, you have to get this thing out.”

“The problem was to be on the field as much as possible. “If you control it, you can do what you can.”

Eric Wilson drives three drills during Penn State Pro Day at Holuba State College Hall.

Eric Wilson drives three drills during Penn State Pro Day at Holuba State College Hall.

Learn from the military

It has long been instilled with a certain rigidity կամ will to perform.

His father, Bruce, trained as an army ranger and spent a seven-month tour of Iraq during Hurricane Desert. One grandfather was a lifer in the Navy, the other grew up in a boarding house with iron miners to serve in World War II.

“They have always had a sense of discipline. “I was always doing the right thing, so to speak,” Wilson said before the break.

“Yes, my father was a tough guy.”

Prior to training as an Army Ranger, Bruce Wilson played football and received an engineering degree from West Point. After marrying Kate, he changed his career. Teaching math will allow him to train his confident athlete son during the summer.

Kate remembers a time when Eric was about 9 years old when he heard a loud commotion in the basement. He knew.

“Bruce, he’s too young to lift weights.”

He looked at her and smiled. “This is not going south under my control.”

And so, Eric Wilson would soon become a high-achieving school dynamo.

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His days went like this: at 6 in the morning, a whole day of training, football training, a 40-minute drive to the boys’ choir. He often did not start his homework until 22:00 in the evening. He became a specialist in taking a quick shower, sleeping and eating in his car.

That regime established him as a class validator, a Division I football prospect, a record-breaking athlete, and a performer for the entire conference group. He could play music. He plays the saxophone, the piano, the guitar, and has sung in the Minnesota boycott for many years.

He eventually chose football, but with a catch. He wanted it to be accompanied by an exceptional education. Thus, he turned down scholarship offers from his native Minnesota, Iowa, and did not even pursue Michigan, Michigan.

Earlier, he signed on to study and play football at Harvard, which has cared for NFL players in recent years.

“I have definitely heard that it was a wrong move by more than a few great coaches,” said Wilson.

He could care less. As a freshman at Harvard, he studied multivariate calculus before moving on to psychology. His senior thesis consisted of 60 pages entitled “The Impact of Observation Authority on Strategic Ignorance”. The newspaper followed the data on how people make decisions based on avoiding negative consequences.

Eric Wilson smiles at State College Holloway Hall during Penn State Pro Day.

Eric Wilson smiles at State College Holloway Hall during Penn State Pro Day.

From Harvard to Penn State

He earned that Harvard և All-Ivy League status on the football field. He was a Campbell Trophy semi-finalist, Haysman, a college football academician. But he felt he needed to prove more after the Harvard 2020 season was canceled due to COVID. Wilson had a one-year college degree, so why not prove himself at the highest level of football.

He moved to Penn State, choosing it from the offers of LSU, Auburn and others.

He was a tough guy that everyone saw but knew little about except his elite degree. He played in an anonymous position for the offensive line, which he did not allow, once.

However, he was the most reliable of this group.

He played 11 games in every game, even when the flu tore through Penn State’s room, knocking out half of the team against Rutgers. He played all the way that day.

A fierce ankle pain against Michigan? He just kept blocking. “That one fight was a lot of fun,” he said. “I was just thinking about how the ankle hit … the big ankle strap, all with adhesive tape.”

His father made such an analysis. “You will not be soft in this family.”

He laughed when he said that, because he knows how hard it is in different shades. The hardest part about making an army ranger. It was to deprive him of sleep and food in order to improve his speech.

Penn State attacking midfielder Eric Wilson, meanwhile, says the lessons he learned from music have helped him prepare for the NFL.  A member of the entire state group posed here in high school with his father, Bruce և's mother, Kate.

Penn State attacking midfielder Eric Wilson, meanwhile, says the lessons he learned from music have helped him prepare for the NFL. A member of the entire state group posed here in high school with his father, Bruce և’s mother, Kate.

Thus, he would be surprised how his son reacts to the difficulties of singing for an elite choir. 45 minutes by car to rehearsals, high pressure auditions, standing in perfect condition for hours.

“The beauty of it was that another adult was telling him how to tuck in his shirt, keep his hair combed, and when he was soloing, it was a moving moment,” said his father. “I’m very respectful of the process. “He learned a lot of human interaction skills from music.”

All of this made him a versatile, self-confident football player who could easily adapt on the fly. During Rutgers’ game, he skillfully moved from the guard post to the center. He believes that snapping ability gives him another valuable asset to offer NFL teams.

He did well in college senior bowling in January.

During Martin Penn State’s Pro Day, he did 29 reps in bench press, making him the NFL Combine’s second line player.

He hits a stretch of football training before the draft, which means he has returned home to Minnesota.

“I still spend every second of the day doing what I do to play football. (Because) having the opportunity to have fun as a job is a pretty crazy concept. This is what I like to do most. To do it for a living is nonsense. ”

There will come a time when he will focus on playing his saxophone, “blowing steam,” reprocessing the bumps on his guitar fingers, and even figuring out how to apply that degree of Harvard psychology.

The most eclectic line player in the NFL Draft still needs time.

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This article originally appeared on the York Daily Record. Penn State player Eric Wilson on an NFL trip

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