After retiring, Scotty Scheffler hired a staff member who has since been awarded the highest salary of his career.

Scott Scheffler և Ted Scott celebrates their victory at the Masters.

Scott Scheffler և Ted Scott celebrates their victory at the Masters.AP Photo / David J. Phillip:

  • Scotty Scheffler has won four of the last six events he has played in, including his first career at the Masters on Sunday.

  • Shortly before starting his hot thread, Scheffler persuaded Caddy Ted Scott to come out to carry his bag.

  • Scott should be happy with his decision, potentially earning about $ 1 million in the last few months.

Winner of four of his last six events, 25-year-old Scotty Scheffler runs one of the hottest golf courses in the world since Tiger Woods was in his heyday.

Two weeks ago, Scheffler rose to No. 1 in the world after winning the Dell Match Play. He went on to win the Masters on Sunday, wearing his first green jacket and securing his first major.

Heading into 2022, Scheffler was a talented young player who still had to secure a PGA Tour victory despite ending in the top 10. Then, in February, Scheffler finally recorded his first victory at the Phoenix Open, and has been on absolute warm-up ever since.

Veteran caddy Ted Scott was by his side throughout the hotline. Prior to joining Scheffler, Scott worked for Baba Watson for 15 years. Watson and Scott parted ways amicably in September 2021. և Scott was about to retire from coaching to coaching until he received a call from Scheffler.

According to Scott, he did not make the decision to return to the Tour alone.

“I prayed for my kids about it,” Scott said after the Masters. “It’s been a week,” they said, “Dad, we think you should do it.” I said, well, we’ll pray about that for a week. They said, “We definitely think you should do it.”

“And that was the deciding factor, I did not choose that.”

Scottie Scheffler և caddy Ted Scott celebrate the chip bird at Augusta National.

Scottie Scheffler և caddy Ted Scott celebrate the chip bird at Augusta National.AP Photo / Robert F. Bukaty:

Scheffler and Scott performed together at the RSM Classic in November 2021, completing the T57. But now Scheffler is the highest rated golfer in the world, իկ Scott has cashed in the biggest checks of his career.

As Michael Collins, a former PGA Tour employee, said on his ESPN + show on America’s Caddie, PGA Tour staff all have their deals with their respective golfers. However, there are some general rules that apply to the entire board.

“Every cadastre gets a weekly salary, no matter where their player ends up,” Collins said in an animated video for his show. “If a player misses a cut, the caddy still has to get paid, because the caddy pays all his expenses – airfare, hotel, car, food, all that.”

“If a guy makes a cut, the standard is 10-7-5, 10% for victory, 7% for the top 10, 5% for everything else,” said Collins.

Applying the 10-7-5 standard set by Collins to Scheffler և Scott’s run since November, it is possible that Scott has made more than $ 900,000 in the last six months since taking over Scheffler’s bag, with Scheffler winning about $ 8.5 million alone. of his four victories. .

Even if Scheffler և Scott’s agreement differs from the one put forward by Collins, it is safe to say that Scott has done quite well in cashing in more than $ 9 million since the beginning of his relationship with Scheffler.

Watson was happy for his ex-partner after Scheffler and Scott won the Masters on Sunday.

“I do not regret it, I think he does not regret it either,” Watson said after his tour. «[Scott] “He made more money without me now.”

Watson և Scott together won the Masters twice, in 2012 և 2014, where Watson received $ 1.44 million դոլար $ 1.62 million for his matching green jacket.

Since then, the grand prize has grown significantly. Scheffler’s $ 2.7 million earned on Sunday almost coincides with Watson’s two victories.

After the victory, Scheffler expressed his gratitude and admiration for his new caddy.

“I can not quite appreciate Teddy as a person, as a caddy,” said Scheffler. “I respect him a lot, just as a person. He is surrounded by such a funny boy. He is a believer, I love him. I can not say enough about him. Do you know what qualities you are looking for in him? Ted embodies almost all of them. He is humble. He is hardworking. He is honest. He’s a good time to be around.

As for Scott, it seems that his retirement will have to wait a while, as Scheffler is going to return to Augusta National in 2023 as the reigning champion.

“I think I’ll have to keep working,” Scott said.

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