5 hints from the spring game

April 17 – COLUMBUS – Ohio’s annual Scarlet and Gray Game gives people a little something to feel good about.

The sun even came out when it was over, adding some warmth to the day that began to be as dark and frosty as many of them in Ohio this spring.

“What I liked was just the physics of it,” said head coach Ryan Dane after Carlet (attack) beat Gray (defense) 34-26. “The guys running around fighting was something we wanted to end this game with. Having said all that, the depth of the D-line will undoubtedly be our strength, but it was good to see that these guys were running and fighting. “We will watch the film, we will see, but it was more about basic principles, effort and play.”

Here are five things you need to know about the game.

1. The crime started hot.

Scarlet scored four of his first six assists, including a pass from CJ Stroud և Kyle McCord.

Stroud contacted Jackson Smith-Njigba to catch 29 yards, run to cross the first lap, McCord hit Joe Royer 24 yards ahead to finish second.

With the third run back, Evan Pryor hit the third touch on the 22-yard run in the second quarter, and Jake Seibert scored on the 42-yard run, ending the sixth goal of the game.

Stroud finished 14 for 22 with 120 yards, while McCord had 14 for 129 yards. Real Brown, a freshman in the third tier, made 141 yards out of 11 of his 24 passes, but threw the only interruption of the game.

2. The defense got tougher during the game.

This was the first opportunity for the fans to see the scheme of the new coordinator Jim Knowles, but he did not show much.

They showed a lot of coverage, but did a little exotic, no doubt saving a lot of tricks to open the season against Notre Dame.

Despite this, Gray made the attack the ball and avoided the type of home games that had damaged Ohio’s defense in the last two seasons.

The attack resulted in seven games, more than 20 yards, but the longest was Mia Williams’ 36 yards game in the third quarter.

The defense scored points through sacks, turns and forced blows.

3. There were few surprises in terms of in-depth spreadsheets.

The No. 1 attack line was made up of Paris Johnson Jr.’s Down’s Jones և guard Donovan Jackson’s Matt Jones’s central Luke Whipler, but the lack of depth was evident this spring when Jackson played left-back against Gran. Tutant hits right, Jacob James in the center, Enoch Wimahin, Toby Wilson in the guard.

The defensive line started inside veterans Zack Harrison վերջ at the end of Yavonta Jean-Baptiste և senior captains Taron Vincent and Jeron Cage inside. Sophomores Jack Sawyer, Jay Tumolown, Tylik Williams և Mike Hall, a freshman in a red shirt, supported them.

Tommy Eichenberg և Steele Chambers scored the first goal as a line-up, backed by Chip Trajan եր Theraja Mitchell, and freshmen CJ Hicks, Gabe Powers և Reed Carrick also saw time.

Second place went to Denzel Berkin, Cam Brown in the corner, and Josh Proctor, Ronnie Hickman and Tanner McCallister, as expected, were safe.

The second unit saw that J. Q. Johnson, Ryan Turner և Jordan Hancock shared time with corner backs Kay Stokes, Andre Thorentin և Cam Martinez at security points.

4. The running backs looked good.

Spring games are rarely shown for running games, but this one was a small exception, despite No. 1 back Treveyon Henderson, who only wore 12 yards three times before the end of the day.

Williams and Pryor leveled more than 163 yards out of 24 in a game that had some lively fights, some periods when the whistle blew during the first contact.

Pryor showed a certain burst during his touch run, bypassing the rear defender through the hole, then breaking a few corners “collecting blocks from under the field.”

The freshman in the red shirt had the longest pass of the game, scoring 35 yards from the backcourt.

During the long run, Williams showed his famous vibration when he met Mitchell Melton on the collision line, leaving him to understand nothing but the air.

Melton later left the game with an obvious leg injury, ուլ Knowles said he had no updates after the game. The red shirt defender, who played one of the last positions on Saturday, missed the entire previous season due to a leg injury.

5. The narrow ends were able to catch the ball.

Fans who have always wanted to see more transitions to the narrow ends should like what they saw on Saturday.

The five solid ends came together to catch 12 passes for 115 yards, including a royalty-free catch.

G Scott Jr., a former sophomore, scored 40 yards and Royer’s 2 assists for 37 yards, Patrick Gurd 13 yards, Bennett Christian two yards and 8 yards, Bennett Christian. Sam Hart had one catch for 17 yards.

“It’s very difficult to come in and play as a young player, so those guys are developing, they’re doing their job, it ‘s a position of strength for us to move to August,” Day said.

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